Diablo Immortal's first major update brings an all-new pitch-black dungeon

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This new dungeon comes with a wealth of new content

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Source: Blizzard

Despite much controversy, Diablo Immortal is committed to proving it’s more than just a cash sink. Today’s Update, A Forgotten Nightmareis the game’s biggest since its launch, bringing players new dungeons, item sets, and expansions to Warband Castle.

The most important part of this update is Abbey of Silence Dungeon And story quests that delve deeper into Diablo’s lore. This dungeon comes with new mechanics to help you fight the Horde. The dungeon is pitch black, so there are temple statues scattered around the dungeon that repel enemies when set on fire. And of course, at the end you’ll have to fight a big boss with multiple stages.


We’ve only seen how rewarding the new dungeons are, but seeing Diablo Immortal bring a sizeable playable area to the world rather than dribbling in a few items to keep players tormented it’s a good thing.

This update also brings an all-new item set, the Gloomguide’s Prize, bringing the total in-game value to 9. This set revolves around expanding your movement options, indirectly improving your damage by giving you new ways to enter and exit combat. A really exciting way to play that encourages a more dynamic play style.

The final major feature of the update is a new exploration system for Warband Castle. From 2 he, along with 8 members, battles her 16 rooms of monsters and boss battles to find heirlooms that strengthen the warband.


Overall, Forgotten Nightmares seems like a big update to Diablo Immortal.In addition to some major additions, it comes with a ton of minor content, including new cosmetics, events, raid bosses, etc. a focus unlikely to please many playersIf you prefer to play solo, you may only benefit from the new item sets, as you’ll need to group up to experience the new dungeon or Warband exploration systems.

Diablo Immortal still has a way to go before it shakes off the launch controversy, but it’s done wonders. Restore Blizzard’s active user countAre you still playing Diablo Immortal or have you switched to a non-pay-to-win alternative?

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