Best FPS games on Android in 2022

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Not all mobile ports and adaptations are created equal, even with big names on the project. evaluated. It’s already hard to stack up to games that don’t support controllers because you can’t test your favorite Android game controller to see if it can take your running and shooting to the next level. That’s not to say touch controls can’t be optimized for mobile play to compete with controllers, so we’ve rounded up some of the best FPS games on the platform, including titles that support controllers and titles that don’t. What FPS games would you like to add to your Android library?


One of the best controller-friendly Android games. Thankfully, the touch controls are also smooth. Doom is clearly a classic and can be considered the father of FPS games. Essentially, it’s the game that defined and revolutionized an entire genre. So if you’re into retro gaming and want to experience the famous classic game on your Android device, the first Doom game is one of the top choices on the platform. One. The 25th Anniversary re-release (Play Store version) includes the ‘The Flesh Consumed’ extension and supports high framerates for a silky smooth experience.

call of duty mobile

It can’t be argued that Call of Duty Mobile is by far one of the best FPS games on Android. Since its release in 2019, the number of downloads has surpassed his 500 million. The game is several years old already, but it’s still going strong. As FPS games in general tend to evolve on newer hardware, they tend to age poorly and expectations for games start to rise. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new phone to play games with the same graphics and get the same performance as your old phone. Call of Duty Mobile never suffered from this problem. It’s already ahead of its time and has a large following. Full-course meals for every game mode found in Call of Duty Mobile, from Zombies to Battle his Royale, and other modes made from previous games, such as Team Deathmatch with tons of Classic His maps. You can expect It’s an all-in-one package and a great value.

Apex Legends Mobile

It was so exciting to finally see Apex Legends reach mobile. Apex Legends has always been known for delivering a solid battle royale experience, with more legends being added all the time that bring more depth and strategy to the usual run, gun, and loot battle royale gameplay. Your legend offers traits and special abilities that give you an edge in battle, but not so crazy that it skews the balance of the entire match. This is good for porting to Android, as it doesn’t differ much from what is available. Newcomers just getting started can enjoy Apex Legends Mobile exclusives, such as playing as mobile-only Legends not found in other versions.

PUBG Mobile

We can’t talk about PUBG Mobile, and we can’t mention its sister game, PUBG: New State. Comparatively, PUBG: New State is just as good, and in some ways more optimized for mobile. But age and content separate his PUBG Mobile and New State. New State is much newer than his PUBG Mobile and could overtake the position PUBG Mobile currently holds. PUBG Mobile is he two veteran battle royale and has a broader player base. PUBG is known for introducing a complex weapon upgrade system (New State also has weapon customization). As New State catches up with his PUBG Mobile, it becomes even harder to determine which games deserve the spotlight. Until then, it’s PUBG Mobile that most people are currently playing.

Standoff 2

Closer to CS: GO style FPS than Call of Duty. That’s the mobile (unofficial) version of CS: GO. Collect weapon skins, play single-player and multiplayer (including ranked), join clans, and sell skins on the market. Considering CS:GO’s gameplay is much slower paced than his standard arcade-style FPS, and it takes a lot of patience to navigate the small maps and take down opponents, it’s a game for everyone. It does not. Going all out without a plan is the fastest way to forfeit a match. That said, practice is very important to tackle Standoff 2 long-term.

dead effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is primarily a single-player zombie FPS game because it is very true to the genre, a bit like Dead Space and sets a chilling atmosphere for players trying to survive from zombies. Apocalypse not afraid to show blood and gore. The storyline is decent (though not for the faint of heart) and polished enough to feel like a console title. You can jump straight into Dead Effect 2 without having to play his first Dead Effect game. This is quite an upgrade from the first game, so you’ll probably want to do it.

combat master mobile

Great gameplay, smooth movement, and satisfying firefights are all ingredients of a quality FPS game. Unfortunately, Combat Master Mobile is lacking in content, but the core gameplay still works quite well. The game offers several multiplayer modes such as Battle Royale, Quickplay, and Team His Deathmatch. All in all, this title is similar to Call of Duty Mobile and a good standard to meet if you’re looking for something a little smaller and less stressful.

critical operations

Another great unofficial CS:GO clone for mobile. Seasonally updated with critical paths, themed mini modes, exclusive skins, frequent updates and more. Besides seasonal content, there are tons of weapon skins to earn, custom game modes, team deathmatches, and ranked battles.the game is over 96 million downloadsYou can see that a lot of attention has been given to Critical Ops. You’ll see developers releasing game updates through social media channels (like Youtube and Reddit) and constantly looking for ways to prevent cheating, fix bugs, and improve stability. Ultimately, it’s the trust between the developers and the community that keeps the game alive, and it thrives.

Explore the gems of Android gaming

Playing games on mobile has its ups and downs, and dealing with aggressive monetization practices, unoptimized ports, and a lack of invested developers are often more important than AAA titles. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any gaming gems to experience on Android. Finding the best title for your needs within a genre, such as an FPS game, can take a bit of trial and error. Hopefully, our roundup will give you a worthwhile head start in finding those gems.

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