Atmospheric platformer Lucky Luna is the latest original Netflix game released on Android

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Netflix Games’ latest installment is a spirited adventure into Japanese folklore

lucky luna hero

Source: Netflix

Netflix’s growing collection of mobile games may have started out small, but the company is working to expand it. Netflix is ​​adding new games to its Netflix Games service this month. The first game is Lucky Luna, a vertically scrolling pixel platformer inspired by folklore.announced today Gamespot’s Mobile ShowcaseIt is an attractive line-up of ever-increasing quality.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese tale, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, guide Luna through various traps, obstacles and environments to uncover the secrets of her past. To unlock these secrets, you must collect pearls and clues scattered throughout the game’s environment.

Lucky Luna’s environment is reminiscent of games like Moonlighter. A muted color palette softens dull pixels, and a soft ambient glow that permeates every level helps sell the game’s mystery. Lucky Luna’s beautiful music complements this mystical theme. Evoke the feeling of adventure and pick it up at the right moment to inflate, even when you’re flying through levels.

However, music and environment alone cannot sell a platformer. Some of the best Android platformers like Dead Cells rely on clever movement mechanics, and Lucky Luna’s original swipe mechanics give the platformer a new take on movement. . Make Luna dash by swiping instead of pressing the buttons on the screen. It’s easy to use and provides fast and smooth gameplay. However, these proprietary controls mean no controller support.

Lucky Luna-1

Lucky Luna 2

Beyond the story, Lucky Luna offers an endless mode. Here, the game drops the player into a procedurally generated dungeon and he has one life. Daily, monthly, and all-time leaderboards are available for all modes, allowing players to compete against each other for the fastest times.

While not a huge leap for the platformer, Lucky Luna is a quality addition to Netflix’s library that existing subscribers should give it a try. However, it’s unlikely to be the title that makes Netflix’s mobile gaming strategy an overnight success.

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