9 of the best horror games on Android in 2022

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It’s hard to capture horror on the small screen of your phone, but these Android games do just that. While they don’t offer the immersive capabilities that consoles and desktop PCs offer, these horror games do work well. In general, they advocate letting your hair stand up as quickly as possible to avoid long, suspenseful build-ups. Perfect for short periods of time playing mobile games.

To bring you a selection of the best horror games available on Android in 2022, we’ve avoided cheap horror and generic zombie survival games.instead of survival gamesAndroid’s best controller.




Distraint is a 2D psycho-horror adventure game that can be completed in one day. But don’t turn your back on length. The game’s brevity only enhances the eerie atmosphere and dramatic storyline. Distraint relies on careful audio and visual design to create an eerie atmosphere, making it a perfect game for those who hate jump scares and action.

Distraint is perfect for veterans of the horror genre who want to try something new, or newbies who are nervous about trying horror games. The gameplay is easy to learn, so you won’t waste your time getting sucked into the story.

5 nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's 1

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a name you’ve almost certainly heard. First released on PC in 2014, it spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. The original is still a must-play, remastered and optimized for Android.

Five Nights at Freddy’s isn’t a game for the faint of heart, though. It’s a tense, last-minute experience packed with jump scares. Faced with a group of sentient animatronics and managing doors and lights in a dwindling power supply, survival will be difficult. Please play. Do not play if you have a childhood fear of animatronics.

Mujirushi Ryohin

oxen free-1


Oxenfree is a great story-driven horror game wrapped up in an adventure game format. Join your group of friends on a supernatural adventure inspired by classic 80s horror movies. It’s creepy, it’s emotional, and most importantly, it’s incredible.

Much like Distraint, this is the perfect game for those who can’t stand jump scares. It’s also much longer. Oxenfree will change the story and dialogue based on your decisions, so consider all your choices carefully. This branching story also adds replayability as it varies from run to run.

hello neighbor



Hello Neighbor may seem like a silly game at first, but don’t let the bright colors and friendly animations fool you. A tense stealth game with intense chase scenes. Your goal is to sneak into your neighbor’s house and discover the secrets they are hiding while they try to stop you.

Part of the beauty of this game is its AI. It learns from your every move, so you’ll have to adapt your tactics if you want to perfect your game. Hello Neighbor isn’t the most original horror game, but it comes in a great and immersive package. However, for the smoothest experience, we recommend getting an Android game controller.

bendy and the ink machine

bendy and the ink machine-1

bendy and the ink machine-2

Thanks to its visuals and gruesome story inspired by early Disney films, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a must-see for horror fans. It spans multiple genres, so you’ll be solving puzzles one moment and fighting monsters the next. But along with impressive graphics, the story is the main attraction.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is perfect for all types of horror fans. There are some jump scares, but nothing terrible, and the storyline keeps the narrative player hooked.

baby in yellow

Baby in Yellow-1

Baby in Yellow-2

Much like Hello Neighbor, The Baby In Yellow seems a little silly at first. The famous baby is the one with the creepy eyes and, aside from staring at you anxiously (like most babies in the real world), doesn’t seem to be the most terrifying antagonist. As you progress, you’ll encounter jump scares, supernatural events, and spooky ragdoll physics, making this one of the most original horror games out there.

The Baby In Yellow is short and slightly simplistic in gameplay, but it’s still a worthwhile experience.

Fran Bow

Flambou 1

Flambou 2

Fran Bow is a psycho-horror game that feels disturbingly real at times. You play Fran, a girl who witnesses the brutal amputation of her parents. Traumatized by her experience and imprisoned in a mental institution, you follow Fran as she tries to escape.

Although it makes use of supernatural imagery and fictional events to create its horror, Fran Bow feels like the most realistic game on this list. Please play. Each chapter is sold as a separate paid download.




Eyes is a fast-paced survival horror game that keeps you scratching your head. It draws on many classic horror tropes, but doesn’t let the cliché vibe back you down. It doesn’t have the thought-provoking story of Distraint, but it does have plenty of game modes and challenges.

This game is suitable for those who want a quick horror fix. The monsters are diverse and challenging, and the sound and visual design perfectly amplify the spookiness of the environment.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

The Walking Dead-1

walking dead-2

One of the attractions of horror games is the characters. It’s fascinating to watch how people react to terrifying events, and that’s what makes Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead so good. The general flow of the story doesn’t change, but the decisions you make have consequences.

The Walking Dead is divided into 5 episodes, each of which can be purchased individually within the app. However, if you’re hooked on the first episode, you can also get it all at once. Play this if you want a carefully crafted narrative experience.

frighten yourself forever

The horror genre contains some of the most engaging and atmospheric games, and these titles will keep you hooked for hours. There are a lot of different choices on today’s list, so if you’re not a fan of jump scares, I’d recommend switching and trying something new like He Oxenfree.

If you’re looking for more games, check out our roundup of the best games for Android. We’ve collected the best games from every genre, so you’re sure to find something you love.

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