8 incredible Netflix games you need to play today

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Whether you prefer action-packed Hollywood blockbusters, obscure K-dramas, or platform-exclusive series, Netflix has it all. Plus, Netflix is ​​available on almost any device, from TVs and smartphones to powerful Android tablets.

Android already has a rich library of games, including a selection of great RPGs, and Netflix launched a continuously expanding Games division in November 2021 to complement this library. Best place? Current subscribers can play select games.

All you need is your mobile device and an active Netflix subscription. Over 20 games are currently available. Some titles are ports, others are Netflix exclusives. Netflix’s games catalog is relatively small, but we found eight titles to try.

1. Asphalt Extreme



Asphalt Xtreme is a Netflix exclusive of the popular Asphalt Racing series. It’s akin to a takedown from Burnout and a hodgepodge of hectic off-road racing from Sony’s Motorstorm his game.

Asphalt Xtreme has a number of licensed vehicles to choose from. Nimble rally cars like the Ford Focus and Mitsubishi RS drift easily in corners. On the contrary, Chevrolet and Hummer monster trucks easily clear the way. Besides, the game offers some control options right from the start. Tilt the phone or use the on-screen controls to steer and choose automatic or manual acceleration.

2. Bowling baller

bowling ballers pumpkin

bowling baller pink

Nico, Roman. Let’s go bowling. Oops, wrong game. Bowling Ballers is probably not what Roman had in mind, but it’s one of the most unique bowling experiences he can have on his mobile device.

In this game you control a bowling ball. Each level sees you passing obstacles and over ramps. Collect coins and knock down pins to earn points along the way. Reach the finish line to advance to the next level. The ball rolls automatically, so just guide it left and right. But later levels test your reflexes more than anything else.

3. To Bleach

Invasion armored train

into the ice

Into the Breach is a challenging tactical RPG that requires careful consideration of every move. Control a mech to protect mankind from a giant alien attack. Levels follow a grid-based layout with foliage, friendly structures, enemies, and units. Stakeholders take turns moving units strategically and trying to outsmart each other. Each mech has its own abilities and weaknesses.

Combat mechs punch like tanks, pushing enemies into adjacent tiles. Meanwhile, Cannon his mech fires powerful laser beams at distant enemies. A misguided attack can jeopardize the integrity of an allied organization or even cause the death of one of her companions.

4. Into the Dead 2

Into the dead 2 action

Into the dead 2 Militia

Who said zombies are dead? Well, technically yes. But Into the Dead 2 makes fighting the undead exhilarating and fun. A busy on-rail shooter that follows a man trying to get home to his family. All you need to do is guide his run through seemingly endless hordes of the undead.

Do you have enough bullets to take down the next horde? Can your character manage to reload before reaching the next group of zombies? More importantly, to sandwich a handy supply box between the hordes. Would you risk running through the hordes to the next level? Each level presents a similar decision between risk and reward.

5. Crispy Street

Crispy Street Festival

crispy street mountain

Crispy Streets is a vibrant hidden object game where you search for people and objects based on clues. Each clue provides a small snippet of the target image. After that, it’s up to you to go through the entire scene and match the snippet to the correct person or object.

Successfully finding images will give you points to unlock power-ups and make scenes easier to find. For example, a handheld thermometer gets hotter as it gets closer to the target scene. It’s easy to find a guy with a flower on his head and a boombox in his hand. But good luck finding a croissant in a crowded park.

6. Moonlighter

moon lighter shop

Moonlighter boss battle

Love Legend of Zelda? Because Moonlighter plays like an isometric Zelda game. It revolves around descending into dangerous dungeons, but that’s not all. As the name suggests, you work as a shopkeeper in a quaint little town during the day. It’s up to you to arrange the goods, determine their prices and welcome your customers. How much is that strange-looking rock worth? Those gullible people wouldn’t know any better.

After dawn, head out to find more valuable trinkets. Equip yourself with weapons and armor, fight deep underground monsters and avoid dangerous traps. Collect loot to earn money for your next expedition. This cycle repeats.

7. Stranger Things 3: The Game


Stranger Things-3-Game Character

Based on the Netflix Originals series, Stranger Things 3: The Game is the interactive accompaniment to the show’s third season. This isometric adventure features horror combined with the series’ signature synthwave soundtrack and dark humor.

Of course, Stranger Things 3 lets you play as key characters from the show, such as Mike, Lucas, and Steve. Fight enemies using traditional mundane objects and seamlessly switch between characters to solve environmental puzzles. Expeditions reward you with money to purchase power-ups and costumes, among other things.

8. Stranger Things: 1984

Stranger Things-1984-Hopper


one more? Well, yes, things can get weird. Like Stranger Things 3, this is an isometric adventure game, but with more cartoony visuals. Also, Stranger Things: 1984 is more about solving puzzles than fighting in Stranger Things 3. Once again, you’re manipulating the show’s characters. Play as Hopper, Lucas, Nancy and Eleven. Each has its own attributes and abilities.

Hopper, for example, punches like a tank, but can’t access hard-to-reach places like Lucas’ with a slingshot. To progress, you must make use of each character’s unique traits.

Enjoy games added to Netflix

We can round out the list with another Stranger Things game, Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, which hasn’t been published yet. During that time, some excellent games were not adopted. Leave us a comment about the best game you’ve ever played on Netflix.

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