3 Best Alternatives to Otter Transcription App

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Otter, a transcription and voice recorder service focused on improving productivity, Service changes for all users – not entirely good. We now have access to some free new tools, but Otter is reducing features across the board for free and paying customers. The monthly subscription price has also increased (but the annual price remains the same).

Free or paid, you get access to two new features. Otter Assistant can join and record meetings for you. Automated Outline creates a meeting outline after the meeting ends. They’re neat features, but they’re unlikely to please users given the drastic cuts across the board.

Otter outline

Otter’s new Automated Outline in action

Users will be frustrated by the reduction in things like monthly meeting minutes and custom vocabulary, but removing the unlimited conversation archive from the free tier can cause problems. Once the day starts, free users will only have access to the most recent 25 recordings. If you want to access previous recordings, you’ll need to delete your existing list or upgrade to the Pro plan.You can view the full list below or check out Otter FAQ for a detailed breakdown.

Otter plan change

Whether or not you agree that these new changes are fair, they may tempt you to consider another service. Here are three of the best voice transcription alternatives to Otter. It’s not built to record meetings like , but it doesn’t struggle to do so and there is no conversation history cap.

3 Best Alternatives to Otter

speech notes

Speechnotes has a slightly dated interface, but don’t let that deter you. Accurate transcription app useful for quick voice memos and meeting recordings. After the meeting is over, you can have your meeting notes automatically backed up to Google Drive, although you’ll have to edit them manually. Best of all, it records even when your screen is off or the app is sent to the background, so you can join a meeting by phone while Speechnotes records in the background.


Trankriptor, like Otter, requires a subscription fee, but if you don’t mind the extra features Otter includes, Trankriptor may be your best option. Unfortunately, we do not offer real-time transcription. Upload a sound file after your meeting and wait for the app to transcribe it. However, it provides accurate transcriptions and allows easy editing of the generated files. You can also record the meeting individually and upload the audio file to Transcriptor.

easy voice recorder pro

Easy Voice Recorder is one of the best voice recorder apps for Android. It doesn’t have a transcription feature, but it offers many elements to ensure accurate and accurate recordings.There’s also a free version, but if you upgrade to Pro, you’ll get important features like automatic cloud backups, audio editing, and more. I can do it. Use the Pro version alone or get the free version and upload your recordings to a service like Transcriptor for transcription.

Otters aren’t worth that much anymore, but they’re still useful

Otter’s changes may be a little confusing, but it’s still a great tool for recording and transcribing meetings. The recent changes seem designed to move users to the Pro plan. It has similar feature cuts as the free plan, but having access to your entire recording history is a huge plus. Of course, today’s options are certainly quality competitors, and we’re looking for something new to record meetings and other voice memos on one of our favorite Android phones. If you are

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