Xbox is testing ways to share Game Pass Ultimate with friends and family

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Gamers interested in sharing love can invite up to 4 friends to join

Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Family Plan marketing image

It’s all about subscriptions these days, like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, which surpassed 25 million subscriptions earlier this year and shows no signs of slowing down. Gaming products have so far held their own against the likes of Playstation Plus and cloud service Google Stadia, thanks to a wide variety of indie games and AAA titles. With Sony’s revamped Playstation Plus, Microsoft is also looking to change the game, and has begun testing to allow users to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits with friends and family.

Microsoft is giving Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland the option to sign up for this test. This allows you to share Game Pass Ultimate with up to 4 friends ( chrome unopened). This will allow all users to access Game Pass games on her PC, console and in the cloud, effectively reducing the cost per person to just a few dollars per month.

Of course there are some big caveats here and even in this early testing Microsoft has a lot of rules for how this works. Must reside in the country. Subscribers looking to participate in this test will be able to convert their accounts to the new plan while getting credit for their existing accounts, but there are many limits on how many people can join the group and how often, so please check please. Microsoft’s complete FAQ for more information.

We hope that this friends and family plan will become more widely available in the near future, provided the testing phase passes. Stay ahead of the game subscription raceMicrosoft needs to step up things and this could be just the boost it needs.

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