Wordle may soon contain advertising

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The New York Times is aggressively expanding advertising across its products.


Ever since The New York Times acquired the hit internet game Wordle, everyone has held their breath to stop newspaper publishers from ruining the game by aggressively monetizing it or filling it with ads. I was waiting.Ultimately, the paper said he didn’t pay seven figures to the game’s creator, Josh Wardle, just to keep giving the game away for free. New report from Axios, found that the New York Times plans to aggressively expand advertising across its products, with a focus on gaming. This means Wordle will soon add ads to its titles beyond the NYT Games, which began popping up with small banner ads in April.The only saving grace is that the paper will test new ad pushes. It is an acknowledgment of the need for careful consideration.

Essentially, The New York Times has reached a critical mass of subscribers. That means we need to find new ways to withdraw money. As such, the company is actively looking to expand advertising across its bundled products and is already testing and experimenting with ideas. Gaming and Cooking are the focus, as these two sections of his account have 1 million subscribers (he’s out of 9 million across all NYT subscribed properties). Thankfully, the company acknowledges that keeping ads out of the way is a top priority.

Despite admitting that it’s reached a critical mass of subscribers now, a big driver for the NYT’s future will be to diversify into more and more new products, similar to its acquisition of Wordle this year. The company aims to reach 15 million subscribers by 2027. This is a very high target compared to his current 9 million. So not only is diversification with new content a focus, but monetizing that content is definitely the goal to grow your income.

It’s no surprise to learn that The New York Times is already looking at ways to properly monetize Wordle after it started advertising its games in April. Too many ads can backfire, and the last thing Wordle players want is for Wordle to become yet another nasty monetization game to play on mobile. I hope that you have the fortitude to not spoil good things with ambitious greed.

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