Will the company's mobile gaming strategy work?

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Netflix has reported its first subscriber decline in 2022. There has also been a withdrawal from the Russian market, and despite this, Netflix reports that it is not growing at the same pace as before. Since then, the company has introduced various measures to combat this decline, including unpopular account sharing and changes to subscription fees. Did.

Netflix Games is a new player in the world of subscription game services. Its competitors, Google’s Play Pass and Apple’s Apple Arcade, have strong positions on their respective platforms and offer a much wider variety of games. However, having already released some exclusive heavy hitters in the mobile gaming world, it’s still worth investigating what Netflix Games has to offer and what the future holds.

What are Netflix games?

You’re not the only one unfamiliar with Netflix games.mobile app for existing Netflix subscribers[ゲーム]The tab is probably something you ignored. Netflix games operate under a simple premise. Subscribers can download exclusive games from the Play Store and App Store without additional charges, ads, or in-app purchases.



Installing Netflix mobile games is very easy. You can find it in the Netflix app or Play Store and install it like any other app. Unfortunately, the options available are limited. With 26 games available at the time of writing, it falls short of Google’s Play Pass, which offers nearly 1,000 games. It shows that it is a strategy to retain existing subscribers rather than to buy them.

But for existing Netflix subscribers, it certainly doesn’t hurt to check out these games. , available gamesAnd of course, Netflix has successfully adapted popular shows like The Witcher and League of Legends for video content.

How successful are Netflix games for the company?

As mentioned earlier, Netflix is Steadily losing subscribersbut has the Netflix game had any impact on the core streaming service? Are users hesitant to cancel their subscriptions to play a round of Exploding Kittens?

No, it’s not. A small portion of Netflix’s user base plays these games daily, and across all titles he has achieved only 23.3 million downloads. That being said, the platform is still in its early stages. The two biggest games, Moonlighter and Into The Breach, were released in May and July respectively, so it’s too early to call the success or failure of these notable releases, but more limited editions are coming. Then maybe people will start paying attention.

What do game developers think about Netflix games?

Netflix Games may not be a huge success for the company, but it’s a different story for game developers.and A recent interview with Touch ArcadeInto The Breach programmer Matthew Davis said:If Netflix doesn’t offer the opportunity to distribute the game without monetization challenges, I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a mobile version.

Into the Breach Netflix game releases (1)

Monetization is a thorny issue for games, especially mobile games where microtransactions are the primary source of revenue. Games like Into The Breach, which were hugely successful on platforms like Nintendo Switch and PC, weren’t built for microtransactions. A partnership with Netflix has allowed Into The Breach and similar games to thrive on mobile without compromising the original design.

What does the future hold for Netflix Games?

Netflix Games may be a small side of the company right now, but it has the potential to be big. Having a dedicated mobile port for a popular IP is a big draw, but time will tell if this is enough to sustain a fledgling gaming platform. They need to keep the momentum going by offering a few, but they need to put in a bigger effort to promote blockbusters to their users. When it comes to what Netflix Games is, Netflix’s recent diversification into games can be too little or too late.

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