Top 9 Great RTS Games You Can Play on Your Phone

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Real-time strategy (RTS) games were traditionally played on desktop computers. Navigating a rapidly evolving battlefield is difficult to emulate on a touchscreen, so it will take time for Android RTS games to become widespread. These mobile games use different approaches to create fun experiences. Some developers are trying to recreate how his PC works through his thoughtful UI design. Some require minimal input from the player and rely on features like automation and clever map design to provide a balanced experience.

Mobile games are often designed to be easy to play in short chunks, and the RTS genre is no exception. Ports of games like Rome: Total War encourage long gameplay sessions, while others like Element fit comfortably on your morning commute. Some of these games offer some online functionality, but if you’re looking for a decent online experience, we recommend trying out a dedicated online multiplayer Android game. But if RTS is the right place for you, we have a great roundup to help you with that.

cultist simulator

Believers Simulator-1

believer simulator 2

Cultist Simulator is one of the best card games on Android, but unlike most games, it’s played in real time. Cultist Simulator embarks on a Lovecraftian adventure where you summon spirits, encounter gods, and die. It may not look like an RTS at first, but you’ll quickly discover that he’s strategizing and planning five steps ahead to complete the story.

One of the attractions of Cultist Simulator is the lack of a tutorial. So you learn by playing and failing until you understand the twists and turns of the game. It’s relentless, immersive, and just plain awesome.

rusty war

rusty war

rusty war-2

Don’t let Rusted Warfare’s ultra-retro graphics put you off. This is a throwback to the days of games like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander – and that’s good, Rusted Warfare wastes no time with his polished UI and beautiful animations. This is the game for fans of classic RTS games who want the same experience on mobile.

Rusted Warfare’s desperation to emulate these classic games is a blessing and a curse. While the number of buildings and units to command is staggering, it’s hard to make sense of everything on screen. But thanks to a sophisticated control system, you can lead your army to victory in no time.

Rome: Total War

Roman total war 1

Roman total war 2

Rome: Total War was first released on PC in 2004. Its Android port offers a clear and straightforward UI that is a beautiful demonstration of how complex RTS can be adapted for mobile games. Commanding hundreds of soldiers from your mobile phone is very easy and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Rome: Total War lets you control one of 19 factions. Through campaigns, it seeks to conquer Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Massive RTS battles are the game’s centerpiece, but a well-thought-out turn-based campaign allows players to reflect and strategize before their next conquest.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition


bad north 2

In Bad North, you rule an island kingdom besieged by Viking invaders. Fly between a series of stunning procedurally generated islands and advance your campaign, leading your people to safety as you fend off waves of axe-wielding marauders. Missions are long enough to give you the satisfaction of winning, but short enough to grab your attention.

Place your troops around the island and give orders before each mission begins. There is no fine-grained control here. Each unit is smart enough to interpret your order in the best possible way. Don’t let the attractive aesthetic fool you. Within minutes, you’ll be kneeling in Viking blood and desperately issuing orders to defend your land.

mushroom war 2

Mushroom War -2-1

Mushroom War -2-3

Mushroom Wars 2 is perfect for those who like to play a short RTS on occasion. It’s not as complicated as some of the other games on our list, but that’s not the point. Designed to be easy to pick up and play, Mushroom Wars 2 offers an extensive campaign along with a PvP mode.

Mushroom Wars 2 is easy to learn, but it’s not a casual game. Missions can be very difficult, so be prepared to take a break when the going gets tough. Mushroom Wars 2 includes microtransactions, but regular players don’t need them.

north guard

North Guard-2

North Guard-1

Northgard is reminiscent of games like Age of Empires. The gameplay revolves around managing resources to expand your settlement and sending waves of armies to capture enemy territory. The focus here is on carefully managing a small number of units rather than large-scale battles.

Northgard includes a campaign that introduces players to the main factions, but its multiplayer is where this game excels. You can choose to play against the AI ​​or join his online multiplayer against other players. Each faction offers a radically different approach to gameplay. Northgard is easy to learn, but it will take a while to score regular wins. Northgard is one of the most challenging RTS games available for Android.

Plague Inc.

Plague Ink-2


If a global pandemic hasn’t curbed your urge to destroy the planet, Plague Inc. is the game for you. It offers the player a simple goal: wipe out the world’s population with a deadly disease. Plague Inc. is a complex game that rewards planning and careful maneuvering to achieve victory. Failing over and over again in a row is a rite of passage for newcomers, but the last time you see the last person succumb to your disease will make you want to try again.

Once you have selected the type of disease you want to use, progress through the game to research new features for your disease. These are categorized by method of transmission, symptoms, and capacity. Evolving and implementing your own traits should be done carefully. Once the disease is discovered, it is a race against time until a cure is developed.




Element was designed from the ground up to be instantly pick up and play. Gameplay follows the classic RTS formula (gather resources, build troops, and defeat opponents), but matches are designed to be over within minutes. While many games advertise the same benefits, Element’s strength lies in its impeccable execution.

Elements is not an easy game. The options available to the player are minimal (there are only 4 types of buildings/units for him to build in the game), but using them correctly takes a lot of practice. There are short periods of “peaceful” set-up, but often the turning point in the game he reaches within a minute. If you fail, it only takes a few seconds to start a new game.

Rimmed Capsules

Rimmed Capsule-1

Rimmed Capsule-2

rymdkapsel defies definition. It’s a base building, puzzle game and tower defense all in one. But it’s not the carefully designed gameplay or the relaxing music that got me hooked. Instead of an anonymous white rectangle he was zapped by a red triangle with one flying when I got upset. rymdkapsel is elegantly designed and brilliantly executed, knowing that a fantastic RTS doesn’t need fancy graphics or complicated features.

rymdkapsel’s game follows a simple premise: build a base, research monoliths, and defend against the evil Triangle. The emphasis is on building your base to your liking, but without careful resource management and corridor planning, your plans will fail. Perfect for those who want to be rewarded for building the perfect base.

Challenge yourself with RTS games

RTS games for Android are generally aimed at competitive players, but casual gamers should give some a try. Titles like rymdkapsel offer relaxing gameplay, and Cultist Simulator is perfect for those who like a good story. RTS games are usually played at home on a desktop computer or laptop, so for a more classic RTS experience, try playing the game on one of his Chromebooks.

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