The Netflix version of Ellen's Heads Up Mystery Game is all about the Netflix show

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Time to put your Netflix knowledge to the test

HeadsUp Netflix Release Hero

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres implemented a spin on Charade in the game. mobile title heads up, which itself inspired television game shows. Now, seeing that this is a popular Android title, Netflix Games has acquired access to a spinoff known as Netflix Heads Up. Of course, this offshoot offers a ton of new content centered around Netflix shows like Stranger Things. The update is available starting today. Remember, an active Netflix subscription is required to access all Netflix game titles.

Heads-up is played like a charade game. Your job is to slam your phone against your forehead when a card appears and guess what it contains from clues your compatriots imitate. Themes are distributed as decks. Today’s launch is a Netflix release, 28 new decks centered around Netflix content are available. Here you choose what you can expect.

  • Bridgerton: Dear kind readers, you are invited to play the Bridgerton deck that joins the fun ball while guessing clues based on the hit show.
  • Otaku: Do you like sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comics, and video games? Congratulations, you’re a geek like us. We love you! Enjoy your super GEEKED deck!
  • netflix is ​​a joke: Comedy is the best medicine. Curb boredom with this deck featuring comics greats and comedy terms.
  • squid game: Pull out your tracksuit as the squid game deck will make you sweat. Guess Squid Game related actions, characters and themes without words or rhymes.
  • strong graphite: Powerful Black Leads amplify Black voices, stories and creators. Show off your knowledge of black actors, entertainers, series and movies!
  • stranger things: Join the party and enjoy this deck filled with characters, words, phrases and more from the Stranger Things series.

As you can see, these decks offer all sorts of Netflix inspired content. Even better, today’s release offers gameplay in 15 different languages. This means that most of the world can dive into this language.So I hope most people realize that Netflix games are important because so far few people even realize the platform exists. I don’t know yet if it will succeed, but some will. Today’s release of Netflix Heads Up It’s the perfect party game for your next get-together.

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