Samsung Internet Beta v18 can copy text from images

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Plus just a few of the foldable improvements

Google offers a fully functional Android browser in the form of Chrome, but Samsung’s browser has a surprising number of fans. Today there is a new beta release (v18) of the app and Samsung touts some notable improvements. Chief among them are new text extraction tools, collapsible tweaks, and more advanced forms of tracker blocking.


Samsung Internet v18 includes a new “Text Capture” feature located in the context menu. Basically, this option allows you to grab the text directly from the image and drop it into your clipboard. However, this feature requires the latest One UI 4.1.1, so it will only work on newer Samsung smartphones such as the S22 family. Even the Z Fold3 is still on the slightly older 4.1 release.The Fold do At least you get the benefit of the more sophisticated Tools/URL Bar option (see below).

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One of the main reasons for using a non-Chrome browser on Android is for enhanced privacy. Google is an advertising company. Samsung’s browser has long had a feature called Smart Anti-Tracking, and with v18 it’s even smarter. According to Samsungthe app now detects and blocks trackers you use CNAME cloaking Attempts to circumvent normal protection techniques. Similarly, v18 defaults to HTTPS by default.

The latest build of Samsung Internet bumps the underlying Chromium framework to v99. This is several versions behind the current stable release. The beta version can be installed on any Android smartphone. Beta is bundled with Samsung devices that act as the default way to access the web. It’s available on the Samsung App Store and Play Store. However, the Play Store is still spitting out v17.If you’re in the same boat, the v18 build is available With APK Mirror.

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