Road Rage Racer Wreckfest Coming to Android This Fall

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i need… i need to destroy


Gamescom is coming up in a week and a half. This means that the publisher is gearing up for some big releases, or at least some new platforms for his existing titles. THQ Nordic streamed a preview of what attendees will have to show off, and one item will make racers with destructive tendencies pretty happy.

Wreckfest is a demolition derby racing hybrid from Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment. The game is heavy on modern Norse traditions. Yokkamies Luokka, or folk racing where all sorts of people can come to rallies with cheap equipment. It’s also a spiritual follow-up to 2004’s Bugbear’s Flat Out. If you really want a Venn diagram here, think Gran Turismo meets Destruction Derby. The studio is proud of its soft body damage physics, which greatly impacts race performance. There is also a large inventory of cars and trucks, several challenge modes, and multiplayer.

Regardless, THQ Nordic says this bash-and-crash gem, which has spread across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, is coming to Android and iOS at some point this fall. No pricing has been announced as to whether Seasons 1 and 2 passes will be available from the start. The game retails for $30.

Until then, we always have a great list of Android games for you to choose from and play.

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