no one is playing Netflix games

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We pay for access to these games through our Netflix subscription, so check out a few.


Source: Netflix

How many times have you gone to Netflix looking for one thing? The service may help you discover your next binge, but persuading subscribers to try out its burgeoning library of games seems to be much more difficult.

According to analytics numbers Apptopia shared with CNBC, the dozens of Netflix games currently available have been downloaded just over 23 million times. That’s just over 1% of the service’s user base. Gaming isn’t for everyone, but a low number suggests there’s more to the game than just indifference.

Part of this sounds like a discovery problem.Many Netflix subscribers still don’t fully understand that they can now pay to access their game library, whether they use it or not. There could also be an element of investment, and Netflix recently added very nice games like Into the Breach to stable, but given the initial learning curve, subscribing to Floor is Lava’s You may get to watch another episode.

Honorably, it feels like Netflix is ​​still working on investing in games, and perhaps it just needs to build its library to a certain point where its reputation alone keeps subscribers interested. No. Having a few major titles ‘getting’ along the way can really help with that, and we’ve been saying the same thing about Stadia for years now. Netflix continues this project I really don’t know at this point if I have the will and the capital to do so.

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