Netflix's next big gaming move could be a cloud platform

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Multiple vacancies posted online suggest Netflix could create its own cloud gaming platform

Featured image (screencap) Netflix game logo announcement

Since the beginning of the year, Netflix has doubled down on its promise to provide “the best gaming service available.” Recent reports of heavy spending to expand its game library with titles such as Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales lend credence to its efforts. Additionally, Netflix is ​​unlikely to stay on Android games. It looks like they are building a team of specialists to develop a cross-platform game streaming service that is not yet finished.

Latest job information Netflix job page Believe it or not, the company said,new way of entertainment delivery requiring real-time, ultra-low-latency network transport technology protocol). While the list does not explicitly mention video game streaming, it does mention related keywords such as RTP-based streaming, highlighting the opportunity to “directly impact emerging areas of the business.” We promise applicants

At first glance, the descriptions in the list above seem like a collection of indirect tips that are far from cloud gaming. There is another list of rendering engineers who have stated that their hires will support Netflix’s cloud gaming service.other Related The list outlines the requirements for candidates with experience “building games for early or unfinished platforms”. This is not a reference to Android games that have already been deployed. The list shows more direct hints. security product manager — mentions the need for experience of the “Challenges of Cloud Gaming”.

Job listings are now posted online, so Netflix may be in the early stages of developing its cloud gaming platform. This definitely reduces the company’s dependence on third-party app stores. Open Connect CDN has been around since 2011 and is an ideal alternative to stream games directly. After all, the company has already stepped into the gaming space with an Android title, so the experience with cloud-based streaming could be extended to game streaming which is pretty useful.

However, it’s unclear what this means for the company’s existing mobile game titles. The list is still growing. Cloud gaming has its advantages, such as the convenience of cross-platform compatibility and low hardware requirements, but the company’s overall gaming intentions remain a mystery. things to come.

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