Netflix pushes new multiplayer features for gaming experiments

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The company has previously talked about adding social elements to its dedicated gaming space.


If you’re a Netflix user, you can hardly miss Netflix Games, the company’s cloud gaming venture. Subscribers are conveniently available within the standalone Netflix app. But the branch into gaming hasn’t resonated with many, given that people are more comfortable with movies and serialized content. The company appears to be solid with its approach, according to recent reports that it is looking to introduce games.

These are your personalized public usernames that other Netflix game players will see, either in multiplayer games or on public leaderboards.The discovery was first made by the developer Steve Moser from report By TechCrunch.However, the gamer can only choose numbers and letters for his handle in the game, so his name /\Demon_Slayer1997/\ Or something along those lines, unless Netflix has a change of heart.

The newly discovered code also reveals that the user’s original profile name and icon are not displayed within the Netflix game. This is an important privacy measure for multiplayer gaming handle first Into the Bleach in mid-July bowling baller, mahjong solitaireWhen heads up! Since then, it has received support for personalized usernames. Another section of code describes allowing a user to badge her profile online while also allowing other Netflix games her users to invite to multiplayer her games.

Recent developments show that Netflix wants to take gaming experimentation to the next level. This is currently limited to single player titles. With the company acquiring game studios such as Night School Studio, Next Games and Boss Fight Entertainment not long ago, it’s clear there will be a bigger push into gaming soon.

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