Indie puzzle game Papers, Please brings thought-provoking Border Control gameplay to Android

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As an immigration officer, you can choose to be loyal to your country or be willing to use your position of power to your own ends.

thesis please

Papers, Please started as a PC release in 2013 and came from the same indie developer behind Return of the Obra Dinn, Lucas Pope. Eventually, this dystopian puzzle game made it to his iPad and PlayStation Vita, though the smartphone version was always absent from the lineup. Thankfully, the developer recently revealed that the game will be coming to Android and iOS on August 5th (today), so as promised, Papers, Please is finally available on the Google Play Store. rice field.

More or less, Papers, Please is an uncomfortable game that puts you in the role of an immigration officer working in a communist country. It’s up to you to decide who participates and who doesn’t. Perhaps you’d prefer to allow bribes to line up in your pockets, or do your communist bidding by getting sucked into your master and crushing little people. That’s exactly what makes the game so interesting.

Well, this all-new mobile version of Papers, Please is a port, but there are some notable changes. First and foremost, the entire game is presented in portrait view. No landscape support. The game’s timer has also been adjusted (like the length of the day) and the UI is new for mobile, so there is only one booth upgrade available, but the game’s economy is processed after 6pm. So we get a new touchscreen friendly UI, but thanks to the format, we’ve made some changes to better balance the game for mobile play. It looks like it needed some tweaking.

As expected, this is a premium release available for $4.99, with no in-app purchases to be seen. No controller support, but you get a full game and the performance is decent. The entire game works on touch screens, but given that the game was designed for mouse input, touch controls work great on phones and tablets.

Thesis, please release android (2)

Thesis, please release android (1)

All in all, today’s launch of Papers, Please is a welcome one, finally bringing the game to smartphones for the first time in nine years. Thankfully, this title plays just as great on PC and iPad, ensuring the asking price is well worth the cost. If you thought that, now you can comfortably play on your Android device. This might be his one of the best games ever on Android.

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