How to resize images on your smartphone using Creative Cloud Express

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Shrink these Pro Mode photos to save storage space


In recent years, as the performance of mobile phone cameras has improved, the size of photo files has also increased. Uploading large files to blogs or limited cloud storage isn’t always ideal. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to resize images using the various Adobe Photoshop applications on your phone or Chromebook.

It is not recommended to increase the image size when editing. Instead, take a photo at a higher resolution and then scale it down if necessary to maintain good image quality. This quick guide walks you through the process of reducing image size in Photoshop Express and Lightroom mobile apps, and online in Creative Cloud Express. All of these are free to use, but you may need to create an Adobe account.

photoshop express

Photoshop Express has some basic photo editing tools like filters, overlays, and color correction. Although Resize does not appear as an item in the bottom toolbar. Instead, it appears as an option when exporting images.

  • Open Photoshop Express and select an image from your device or take one from your camera.
  • Adjust image color and lighting.
  • Tap. Next Click the button. First, select an image from your device to resize. Adjust the image first before resizing it in Photoshop Express.
  • tap the blue size Select the text below the image to resize it to one of the preset pixel sizes or your own custom set. You can resize the image when preparing it for export. Select standard sizing options or set custom dimensions.
  • Tap. JPEG quality Use text to adjust the quality of the exported image and further reduce the file size if necessary. You can further reduce the image size by changing the JPEG quality.
  • Tap save to gallery when you are done.
  • Adobe Lightroom

    Lightroom is a popular option for those who want to edit photos and videos on the go. Its various presets allow for easy editing to make your images more punchy, and you can even create your own tools. One of the last steps when you are ready to export your .

  • Open the Lightroom app and import your images into your library. This can be done from the camera or by searching your device’s storage using the blue button in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the imported photo you want to resize from your library. First, import an image from your device's storage or camera. Select a photo from your library and resize it in Lightroom.
  • Make any lighting, color, or other adjustments first.
  • Tap. share Click on the icon in the top toolbar to select Export as. 3_lightroom_ interface 4_lightroom_export
  • Choose one of the standard resizing options, or size drop-down list.
  • Once done, tick icon in the upper right corner of the box. 5_lightroom_image_settings
  • creative cloud express

    Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express is browser-based, so there’s no need to download an app. Like Canva, it has templates for different applications and an easy-to-use image resize tool as one of your quick actions.

  • Open your browser and
  • Create an account if you don’t have one and follow the sign up prompts.
  • select image resizing under try quick action block.
  • Drag and drop the image you want to resize into the highlighted box. The Adobe Express Dashboard has several templates for different applications. Import the image you want to resize by dragging and dropping it into the highlighted box.
  • Choose one of the size presets based on where you’re posting the image, or choose to set custom dimensions.
  • After adjusting the size download The button becomes active and you can save the image. There are several different size presets and you can even choose custom dimensions. After selecting the resize option, the download button becomes active and the image is ready to be saved.
  • Avoid storage issues

    It’s easy to postpone deleting old or unusable photos until a later date. The last thing you want when you’re exploring a new city on vacation is a “not enough storage space” notification. Especially if he’s learning to shoot and edit RAW photos, he can quickly use up valuable storage space. It also doesn’t help if your cloud storage is full of large image files.

    So, after spending the day taking pictures, take the time to edit them and take good care of your files. Your future self will thank you.

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