Google Stadia Death Report Highly Exaggerated, Says Google Stadia

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You always trust what you see on Facebook, right?


RIP study? It’s like Stadia ripping some trolls into something new. Between Google’s cloud gaming die-hard fans of his platform and cynics who just want to see Goliath conceding defeat, there’s no shortage of The Discourse™ happening around it. Of course, there is talk and rumors are circulating. Two random posts declaring Stadia’s imminent death circulated in the game press this week from one user in a Stadia fan group on Facebook. It seems that.

Post highlighted by Twitter account killed by google on thursday. I wasn’t able to independently verify the source of the text, but for what it’s worth, here’s what the user said:

heads up:

An old colleague and friend, now one of Google’s regional managers. He’s the one who inspired me to start his Stadia. They held a pretty big employee/retail seminar in California last weekend, and long story short, Google is starting an exit plan. They didn’t have an exact end date, but they said it would be by the end of the summer. He also said he would not transfer the service or the server itself to other competitors, just like he did with “Google Play Music.”

Same exit approach and strategy

Of course, I’m not as big a fan as some of you guys, but you guys were always so cool and kind.


There were some other details I could post if you wanted, but nothing too groundbreaking. I think I mentioned that the will be refunded and the usage fee will be free.

Also, any available subscription months will be fully refunded to your linked bank account.

I will talk to him tonight and ask him if he has any questions.

Thanks guys.


Word spread quickly, and questions, replies, and news stories were written up.

Google responded with outrage on Friday, tweeting one concerned user.

So where did all the drama come from? A subsequent post from the Facebook group moderator was share on twitter Here, he said the user’s comment came from one “Donny Jepp,” who “had been making defamatory posts about Stadia for months,” and was banned.

Still, don’t miss your chance to dunk. To promote the free-to-play weekend for adventure platformer Wavetale, Google Stadia posted the following tweet:

Don’t get me wrong, Stadia failed to overcome multiple structural hurdles and had to turn around again and again. From players to studios to even inside Google, it’s vying for the trust of everyone involved. Add to that the prospect of rough waves in the global economy, and you find a lot of stuff lying under his four-colored ax attached to the ceiling with nothing but threads.

But if you’re not enjoying silly commentary right now, you don’t know how to enjoy it while you get it.

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