Gamevice's next controller looks like Kishi with a few upgrades

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Full size thumbstick included, worth the upgrade

game vice flex hero

Source: Gamevis

Gamevice isn’t a name you’ll hear often, but it’s the company that partnered with Razer to create the Kishi controller, which has a lot of success as one of Android’s best controllers. Well, now that Gamevice and Razer have split amicably, Razer has already released a follow-up to his Kishi by relying heavily on his Backbone design (which he has already announced). Your Own Controller for Android, scheduled for a winter release), and Gamevice essentially rebranded their surplus Kishi stock as Gamevice for Android and Gamevice for iOS. Today Gamevice announced a rebranded Kishi follow-up known as Gamevice Flex. Available for pre-order from todaywith a release window set for this fall.

You can check out the new trailer for Gamevice Flex above. As you can see, the controller looks a lot like Kishi, but with some interesting changes. First and foremost, the thumbsticks are now full size, greatly improving playability and longevity. A hall-effect rear trigger is also mixed in, allowing you to accurately measure how hard the trigger is being pressed and how hard it is being pressed. This is in contrast to typical digital triggers, which act like any other button and allow him only two states: on and off. Finally, the new Flex controller is designed to slide into a phone with a case, eliminating the need to remove the phone’s case just to fit the controller. That’s why there are several rubber inserts under each end of the phone that can be used, whether the device is thick or thin, with or without a case.

Gamevice Flex retails for $99.95 for the Android version and $109.95 for the iOS version, and is available for pre-order on Gamevice’s website. We don’t have an official release date yet but we do know that both controllers will launch this fall and of course the Flex is officially designed for Xbox so mobile isn’t the only thing his Gamevice cares about There is none. Therefore, we support Xbox Cloud Gaming through Xbox Game Pass. That said, the controller should work well for streaming games.

Source: Gamevis

Gamevice Flex (2)

Gamevice Flex (1)

Overall, Gamevice’s new Flex controller looks and sounds very promising, offering a few incremental upgrades to improve the buttons and thumbsticks of the early Gamevice for Android, while wearing a case. Offers space to fit larger devices. Current Gamevice for Android retails for $60, so Flex is more expensive, but needs triggers that behave like analog full-size thumbsticks If so, the Flex’s $100 price tag should easily ensure your needs are met at all times. Fall this fall. As a matter of fact, Gamevice Flex seems like he could be one of the best controllers for Android.

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