First look at Starrail — a replacement for Genshin Impact or a beast of its own?

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Honkai: Star Rail is one of the HoYoverse’s most notable projects to date, the spiritual successor to Honkai Impact 3 and a highly anticipated title since its October 2021 reveal. . So far, the game has undergone his two closed beta tests, with a third expected to be on the way. There’s no release window so far, but we got an early look at his version of Honkai: Star Rail now on mobile by getting hands-on at Gamescom 2022.

In Honkai Starrail, players play as an artificial unit called the Trailblazer and join the Astral Express on a journey to unravel the mystery behind Stellarons, the Seeds of Destruction embedded in artificial bodies.

So far, the UI design and touch controls are similar to Genshin Impact on mobile. Tap the screen to continuously move the character on the screen, tap the button for action, and the character on the left actively swaps his icon. character. It’s also a semi-open world game, as opposed to Honkai Impact 3, which has limited options for roaming, which is the traditional system found in mobile gacha games, where you navigate through menus to move to the next area/mission. It looks like..

UI on screen

Based on Gamescom footage, you can interact with objects such as benches, and encounter NPCs roaming various parts of the city. The liveliness of NPCs walking and being active is an improvement from most of Genshin Impact’s main urban hubs, where NPCs are mostly stationary. Having an open world element where the world around you feels dead is a huge waste of in-game resources.


Tapping the map button also displays a large map with displayed icons, locations of key interactions, and a marker for your current location. The good news is that the map button looks easily accessible from the main UI. Honkai: Star Rail often traverses different planets for open-world exploration, so you’ll be referencing the map a lot as you move toward your mission objectives.



When you access the menu, you’ll see a list of characters on the left, which you can swap by tapping the icon. Each character has a basic attack, skill, ultimate, passive, talent, and technique, and you can tap each one to see its capabilities and scaling off stats (see orange font. Video footage ). Honkai: Star Rail is being developed as a turn-based game, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time previewing each character’s specialty before building your team (as opposed to regular strategy). ) strategy should be adopted. Hack and slash of Genshin Impact and Collapse Impact 3).


The memory layout also seems to be borrowed from Genshin Impact and contains similar completion objectives as Honkai Impact 3. So, before moving into memory, you should organize your team based on enemy level and recommended elements. That way, you can build the best team according to the content you want to participate in and prepare well before participating. It’s certainly a waste to have no incentive to cycle more than one. You may need to level up and upgrade characters outside of your favorite team.

Honkai: No news about a potential release date for Star Rail yet, but as long as HoYoverse sticks to its usual pattern of betas, expect a third beta to be on the way. Star Rail brings a whole new flavor to the turn-based combat system. It’s similar to Genshin Impact from the UI design, but also adds elements of Honkai Impact 3 as you encounter familiar characters and experience crossover takes from the Honkai universe. .Honkai: Star Rail received a lot of love from his HoYoverse and is sure to become one of the best gacha his games when it releases. It offers the perfect opportunity to stress test his shiny new Android phone.

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