Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Starter Guide

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For decades, Final Fantasy VII has been popular enough that its developer, Square Enix, has produced prequels, sequels, spin-offs, and reimaginings to milk the huge success JRPGs have brought to fans. I was able to. This time, Square Enix aims to be the pinnacle of the battle royale genre with Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

At first glance, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier might look like a PUBG clone in fancy Final Fantasy dress. However, upon closer inspection, The First Soldier has quite a few characteristics that set it apart from other battle royales. This is why we have prepared a guide to help new players navigate the game and its differences. So here’s how to get started, what you can expect from First Soldier gameplay, and some tips/tricks to build consistency. secure your victory.

getting started

Before starting the first drop, there are a few steps that need to be taken. First, you have to customize your character, choose a name, then choose your starting settings and register as a candidate soldier. Then follow a tutorial that teaches you the basics of combat. Once done, you can queue for your first match. If you still don’t know how to play, First Soldier has an in-game mentor system (such as a buddy system) that you can sign up for at any time.

Create Soldier Candidates

As a player, you are given the option to personify your in-game characters with Final Fantasy flourishes. You can choose male and female characters with some presets to determine the basic look.

FF7FS-Character creation-1

FF7FS-Character creation-2

Then you can choose hairstyle, eye and eyebrow style. There are a variety of colors for these options if you want to create a more anime-esque character.

FF7FS-Character creation-3

FF7FS-Character Creation-4

The last two customization options are mouth/nose and voice type (the squeak or maturity of your character’s voice).

FF7FS-Character creation-5

FF7FS-Character Creation-6

After entering the candidate name, which is the in-game display name of the character, the process ends.

Naming Soldier Candidates in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

In-game settings

[設定]You can change your settings at any time.

Recommended in-game settings to ease your playing experience:

  • shooting mode: Auto fire. Choosing a shooting mode in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • Control: Automatically open door (on), auto pick up (on).
  • Layout UI: Tidy/no overlapping buttons (space needed to operate the camera). Change the UI layout in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • graphic: low (graphics quality) and medium/high (frame rate). Changing graphics settings in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • sound: Ambient sound (volume 100).

The above settings have been chosen to provide consistent performance while reducing manual input required. With less manual input, you can keep an eye on your surroundings while running or shooting. Given that Battle Royale requires you to play at a faster pace, doing less means you can spend more time planning your strategy.

Note: Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier also offers controller support along with touch controls. For the most consistent performance, use lower sensitivity in your controller settings.

Learn the basics of battle

Thankfully, you won’t be directly participating in a match to learn the basics of combat on your own. Instead, the game keeps your hands on the training range until you complete all the tutorials.

Completed all training tutorials

Before diving into matchmaking, let’s break down some combat basics to give you an edge in the match.


You can run, jump, crouch, do combat rolls (double tap to crouch), and parkour (climb walls).

Tips: You can climb the wall by holding down Jump towards the wall. Exploit this to raise the height of the building to give it a better vantage point.

Chocobos and bikes are the primary means of transportation outside of dropoffs and respawning helicopters.

Appearance of Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The screenshot above contains an example of what a chocobo looks like in-game.

Tips: Chocobos are agile and quiet, allowing them to move more reliably. A chocobo can perform a melee kick if it needs offensive support while riding.


Materia is equipment magic. Using these skills requires MP (Magic Points). A soldier cadet can slot 3 of her materia at once. Additionally, you can upgrade materia during matches by finding duplicates. Materia can be divided into two types: magic and summons.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier materia open slot

Magic materia can be divided into attack, support, and utility. A good understanding of how to use all three is important for proper battle planning and improved gameplay. Attack-based materia focuses on casting magic that damages everyone within range, including yourself and your teammates. Support materia provides backup for the team. Spells such as Cure can restore her HP, and Raise can revive teammates within range. Utility-based materials add variety to gameplay and evoke strategy gimmicks. Offensive strategies can include traps that reduce vision or slow down opponents, while defensive strategies can choose to cast teleports to aid in movement time for teammates.

Summon materia is a little different. There is no guarantee that summoned beasts will be found during the match. Summoned beasts (Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut) appear as bosses in the battlefield. Defeating them grants access to their powers.

Summoning example in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

style equipment

Final Fantasy fans will recognize the style as the series’ famous “job” or “class” system. Equipment styles add unique traits (non-tradable), abilities, and skills to your character. Melee weapons change based on the style you choose. Note: Try to stick to one style at a time so you can master it.

Style list

  • Dragoon: Jump from above to perform a glide or dive bomb attack. Recommended for those who prefer a step-by-step strategy for taking down enemies – the spear also offers a wide melee range.
  • Mechanic: Equipped with a Hammer, it specializes in disabling firearms carried by the enemy team, and can summon gadgets to help navigate the map. Recommended for those who want to control the tide of the battlefield by making full use of utilities.
  • Monk: Partially reduces damage received. Triggered passives allow for HP recovery, critical hits in melee, and movement speed boosts. Recommended for defense players who aim for victory over survival. FF7FS-Dragoon FF7FS Monk
  • Ninja: If you fall while doing parkour, you will gain double jump and jump abilities. Recommended for those who want to secretly scout for soldier candidates.
  • troop: Hold more ammo and find more ammo. Reduces reload time and decay damage. Recommended for those looking for a more vanilla gunplay experience. FF7FS-Ninja FF7FS-Ranger
  • sorcerer: Potentially increases the damage of magic materia (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder) and speeds up MP recovery. Recommended for those who want to enjoy aggressive attacks using Materia.
  • warrior: Increases melee weapon range and protects you from taking damage while moving/using Rush abilities. Recommended for those who are more familiar with using melee weapons than guns and materia. FF7FS-Sorcerer FF7FS-Warrior

tips and tricks

As a beginner, don’t stress if you feel like you need to learn everything at once. Focus on figuring out how to navigate in Midgar, familiarize yourself with your character’s parkour movement style, and experiment with materia, styles, and weapons. Also, check out these additional tips and tricks to help you get started.

  • Practice in Standard matches to familiarize yourself with game mechanics and maps before jumping into Ranked. Additionally, select practice mode to study materia ranges/casting times and guns. Game modes available in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • Materia (attack magic) can do friendly fire, so be careful where you use it!
  • Arm yourself with potions (HP and MP) and support materia: Raise can revive teammates.
  • Call a chocobo and move. Use this method to escape when the map zone starts to shrink. Escape the fog with a chocobo in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  • Melee weapons offer a smoother combat experience, so use them if you’re in range!
  • Defeat monsters to get items, level up and upgrade your equipment. Gaining an edge is important.
  • Collect gil (money) and use it at vending machines to upgrade ammo, items and equipment. Buy upgrades and items from Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier vending machines
  • Be mean. Walk slowly and crouch to avoid being heard by enemy units.

Ever-evolving First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s seasonal updates help keep the game fresh in the current battle royale competition, with permanent additions like new cosmetics, weapons, styles, materia, summons, maps, and more. brought. Of course, as expected, introducing new content means you have to be ready to level up your gameplay each season. If you want to get started quickly, you can get the install from the widget below.

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