Descenders brings maniac downhill freeriding to Android

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You Can Finally Speed ​​Down Procedurally Generated Hills On Your Phone

Descenders Hero

Descenders, a procedurally generated downhill bike game, is now on Android.a little late thanks to Play store issue, is now available for anyone to download. The original game was released for Windows and Xbox One in 2019 and has steadily expanded across multiple platforms to many positive reviews. critics and users.

This mobile port is nearly identical to the console and PC versions, but thanks to some simple and effective touchscreen controls, the Android release is just as tactile and responsive without a controller or keyboard.

The procedurally generated Descenders track is a big draw, but Descenders has many other features that make it worth exploring. Movement is influenced by a detailed physics system, allowing you to perform tricks with a quick swipe of your finger.

Descenders is built around a roguelike system, trying to score as many points as possible before an inevitable crash sends you back to the beginning. With every ride you earn upgrades and abilities for your bike, you can customize your bike and character to suit your playstyle. He can also earn Reps, which serve a dual purpose, both as currency to unlock new looks and as a way to show his ranking among other players.

Unfortunately, the game seems to perform poorly on mobile, with many users complaining of poor graphics and stuttering frames. If you decide to give it a try, keep this in mind if you have an older Android device. Google Play return policy If the game goes wrong. Otherwise, you’re wasting $10. Controller support also seems to be unstable. That’s why we recommend sticking with good touch controls for now. Only time will tell if this game will eventually be optimized for mobile and if he will be one of the best games available on Android.

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