Check out this playable Google Doodle and see if you can win at petanque

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Many cultures have this particular game where you aim and fire a stone trying to get as close to the target as possible while trying to block the opponent’s stone from doing the same. You might be familiar with bocce, lawn bowling, or curling, called pétanque in France, and the upcoming Google Doodle lets him play one or two games. Or, uh, 23. See, TikTok isn’t for me, is it?

The doodle will be released tomorrow, Google Doodle Blog (via 9to5Google) contains all the illustrations that appear along with a playable 3D game of petanque that you can play against friends or and purple olives pit steel ball or Boolean up to the target ball, or CoconetThe closest balls of one team near the cochon net score 1 point each. The score range continues to the nearest boolean of the opponent. In most traditional games, a team plays with him 13 points, but a Doodle game match lasts three rounds.

I struggled even more to get consistent throws on the mobile doodle. The user has to consider both the force of the swipe and the rest position of the finger. It’s too easy to go on a whim, especially if you have an unfortunate hook like me.One tip of his I have is a simple downward is to do the flick. But in any case, it’s much better to play the desktop version where you can click a boolean to slingback and give it a real orbit, it has singles and doubles modes so you and his three If your friend is particularly frustrated in their office or home cubicle, try this one. It will be available as long as the Doodles blog lives.


By the way, I said in the intro that I’m going to curl up, Google also had an animated doodle — One of a series called “Snow Games” at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea — featuring turtles sliding themselves and pressing buttons. Google also created a playable doodle of him last year that resembles an RPG.

Now, is anyone hungry for tapenade?

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