Card Crawl Adventure is a new solitaire game from the makers of the hit Card Thief.

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Check out Tinytouchtales’ latest deckbuilding game

Launch of Card Crawl Adventure

Tinytouchtales are probably best known for their game Card Thief. card crawl, both solitaire-style dungeon crawlers, developer bread and butter. Well, seeing how Tinytouchtales has found considerable success in the solitaire deck building card game niche, there is a new release in the series known as Card Crawling Adventures, which combines card dungeon crawling and is available on the Play Store starting today. I have. A thief with a puzzle mechanic that connects cards to defeat many enemies.

If you want to see the game in action, the trailer above gives a quick look at the new puzzle-based path mechanics within Card Crawl Adventure. The goal is to defeat the bad guys with attacks by combining cards in a specific order while clearing a field where he has to clear the board three times to find the exit of the dungeon.

Card Crawl Adventure Release (2)

Release of Card Crawl Adventure (1)

Card Crawl Adventure’s tutorial does a good job of explaining how the game works, but there are some mechanics to track and juggle as you clear each 3×3 board of cards, so you only have to play a few rounds to see all of them. You can understand the details. Since this is a roguelike, you’ll never know what to expect during each run as each game is different, but with proper planning and a little bit of luck you’ll succeed.

Currently, Card Crawl Adventure is a free game that anyone can play, but there are some things locked behind in-app purchases, but nothing major. You can get a slight advantage. There, items known as Goddess Talismans are used to start the match with extra health and strength points. Beyond this, you can pay to unlock new characters at $1 per pop. This is not described on the Play Store, but is an IAP where you can only find characters and items that make matching easier. This means that the game is highly monetized.

Card Crawl Adventure Release (4)

Card Crawl Adventure Release (3)

So if you’re a fan of the original Card Crawl and its follow-up Card Thief, you’ll enjoy Card Crawl Adventure. To keep the Roguelike Solitaire series fresh, you’ll get a similar look and feel that’s perfect for mobile devices, with new mechanics in the mix. Plus, you can play without spending a single cent to get a good feel for the title before splashing around with extra characters. Do not miss it. Card crawl adventure is amazing!

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