Best Gacha Games on Android in 2022

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While there are many differences between gacha games and free-to-play titles, the chance-based play of gacha games, where you can earn new skins, characters, and weapons, offers a wicked dopamine hit unlike any other genre. I cannot deny it. But not all gacha games are worth polishing, so choosing the right title requires distinguishing between good and bad content. We recommend staying away from games that are hidden behind autoplay or paywalls. After all, there’s a good gacha that boils down to a level of sophistication and story that doesn’t force you to break the bank to fuel your win. That’s why we’ve compiled a roundup of the best gacha games to tick off. So it’s well worth the time investment.

another eden

Another Eden is a narrative-driven gacha game with no pressure grind, and you set the pace. No energy mechanics, no PvP, no daily routines to stress you out. The best part is that it’s a free-to-play, single-player experience written and directed by Masato Kato, head of classic RPGs Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, and music composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Another Eden wants to give players a traditional he JRPG experience instead of pushing Gacha as the main focus, so it’s perfect for newcomers unfamiliar with Gacha games.


Arknights is unlike any other Gacha game. The emphasis is on tower defense, which requires real strategy to win. It mixes in other gameplay elements such as card collecting and autoplay (with limitations) that are useful when you have to step away from your device. The game is known for his F2P friendly, allowing you to invest in 4-star units to clear most of the content. Leave the 5-star and his 6-star units as additional luxuries for the team. No forced competition mode. Pay to win anyway. All you need is a little understanding of how the game works. It rewards hard work and good strategy.

collapse impact 3rd

It can take a little while to get into Honkai Impact 3rd, as the writing and gameplay aren’t very polished at first. One thing is clear. Collapse Impact 3rd offers impressive visuals, an addictive rock-paper-scissors combat system, and an evolving and deep story. Honkai Impact 3rd era allows currency to be obtained outside of gacha, used to obtain more units, and PvE content is much more F2P than when the game first launched has become suitable for

Punishment: Gray Raven

In today’s gacha roundup, it’s a disadvantage, let alone Punishing: Greyraven. Combat is very smooth and polished compared to most Android action RPGs. However, the game can be difficult as you have to perform perfect dodges, play at a fast pace to perform combos, and utilize orb mechanics to defeat bosses.The story and setting are dark and mature. It’s not for the faint of heart, taking heavy inspiration from NieR:Automata and Honkai Impact 3rd, known for offering dark themes.

genshin impact

HoYoverse quickly made waves with Genshin Impact, becoming the most expensive video game ever. HoYoverse spends millions of dollars on content, artwork and music to elevate the experience as a triple AAA game. Genshin Impact is still primarily a single-player open-world game, so no whaling is required to beat the main his content. The most challenging content right now is Spiral Abyss, where anyone can achieve 36 stars if they use resources wisely, invest in units, and plan teams based on buff/enemy lineups. Genshin Impact is still considered one of the best games on Android, but you’ll either love it or hate it, considering how much time it can waste for free players.

guardian’s story

An underrated entry on this list. Guardian Tales welcomes old-school Zelda fans. Gameplay focuses on dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and 2D action combat. While the game is F2P friendly outside of PvP, gachas are only there to speed things up but are not required for in-game progression. Adds a unique gameplay element that cannot be relied upon to auto battle your way out.

counter: side

It was initially praised for its flashy 2D visuals and unique setting/premise. Because as a CEO, you don’t spend every day trying to keep your company from going bankrupt. At the same time, you must carefully select your employees to save the world and keep your company from falling apart. Overall, Counter:Side is a guilty gacha game. Creating a team requires careful planning of resources, and putting together a team that lacks synergy is punishable (you can’t pick a favorite). But Counter: Side’s biggest selling point is its ongoing story, which is actually fun and provides an incentive to keep polishing to unlock more episodes and character sides of his story.

fantasy tower

Tower of Fantasy is the odd guy on this list because it focuses more on MMO gameplay than it does on gacha systems. However, there are still many gacha mechanics that require attention while playing. Vitality is essentially an energy meter that limits your daily progress, and weapon builds require summoning in the simulacrum and upgrade gacha banners. There’s a lot to do while immersing yourself in a fully explorable map that you can craft. MMORPGs and gacha games often don’t go hand in hand because they readily exploit the pay-to-win factor. Still, at least Tower of Fantasy has content to offer outside of competitive game modes, offering some leniency when using the gacha system.

know what you’re into

After all, gacha games aren’t for everyone. Whether gacha games are actually gambling is still a popular debate. We hope this list has helped show you which gacha games are worth spending your time on right now. You don’t necessarily have to pay to enjoy the game, and you don’t have to be addicted to the meta to win. Keep in mind that not all phones can handle the stress load in some of these fast-paced gacha games. So, if you’re stuck looking for a new phone to start gaming on, we have plenty of quality phones to choose from. check out.

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