A gorgeous narrative puzzle game exploring life and death

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I don’t know why you say goodbye and I say hello

Over the years, we’ve featured several ARTE Experience titles in Gaming Roundup, including Homo Machina and Type:Rider. ARTE may be well known on public cultural television channels, but seeing that the games created under the ARTE Experience banner match the cultural themes of the televised content, We are excited about the launch of the studio’s latest title. good bye. In fact, today is Gamescom’s opening day, so we had the chance to experience the narrative-based platformer hands-on on the show floor. Before How to say Goodbye is released, let’s dig into what the ARTE Experience has to offer.

The gameplay video above was recorded on the show floor at Gamescom 2022. traverse the landscape. Since the ARTE Experience doesn’t allow you to directly control your character, we’ve taken this mechanic even further. This gives you an interesting way to tackle each stage’s puzzles.

How to say Goodbye is a narrative game, so story is important. The recently haunted protagonists are very curious to find out why they got lost in an unknown world full of spirits, but this situation leaves them both confused and frightened. This is where the player comes in. It’s up to you to help escape this haunted world by interacting with the in-game world. It’s an interesting subject that’s arguably heavier than the children’s book-like art first implies, but that’s what makes this game so interesting.

Hands-on way to say goodbye (1)

Hands-on way to say goodbye (2)

Of course, it’s nice that the ARTE Experience relies heavily on unique and artistic design.The developer made it clear on the show floor that being a public company, it was the company’s duty to provide games that the general public would actually enjoy, thus a fair pricing model. ARTE Experience is used in-gameSo far, I think ARTE Experience has confidently achieved this goal in its past releases. Hence the excitement for How to Say Goodbye, exactly why we chose to practice this title. It looks cool and having had a chance to play it, I can confirm that the puzzle-based gameplay is also worth it.A wonderfully satisfying tactile experience on mobile.

Hands-on way to say goodbye (3)

How to say goodbye it’s going to land on Android before the end of the year we don’t have a definite date yet we don’t know the expected price yet but if it’s anything like the previous titles it’s going to be profitable Equality is fair. So for now, if you want to know more about how to say goodbye, Check press kit Also Download demo on Steam Give it a try before Android releases later this year. If you want to play this on the big screen, we recommend considering the best tablets for Android so you can fully enjoy How to say Goodbye’s impressive art.

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