6 standout mobile games from Gamescom 2022 you'll want to install

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Gamescom is happening right now and we were able to experience the games in action on the show floor. Mobile games are only a small part of Gamescom, but there were still plenty of interesting titles for mobile.

We’ve picked 6 of the most fun mobile games on Gamescom. With the exception of Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update, which you can play now, these are the games to watch for the rest of the year in anticipation of a full release.

Recfest Mobile

Wreckfest, the demolition derby-themed racing game, is coming to mobile. Although technically announced last week, Gamescom was the first opportunity to try out his build in early alpha. It’s the same as the PC and console versions, and if you have an Android controller, you can play the same way. The touch controls were a bit shaky, but given the heavy work put into Wreckfest’s soft body modeling, the game’s excellent performance was surprising.

Not many Android games have such an impressive physics engine, so we encourage you to try it when it’s released. Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date yet, so it may take some time to get your hands on it. If you want instant notifications, pre-register from the Play Store.

Tower of Illusions Vera 2.0

Gacha and MMO hybrid Tower of Fantasy released worldwide in August 2022, but the first free expansion is already on the horizon. Under the name Vera, it was announced today at Gamescom. The new expansion may seem overwhelming if you’re just getting started with Tower of Fantasy, but it’s still a long way off before the expansion launches later this year.

Vera is the name of a new cyberpunk-themed region in the game that introduces new monsters, weapons, mounts, quests, events, and more. Just like the rest of the game, you can tackle areas alone or with friends.

Genshin Impact Smell

It’s been over a year since Genshin Impact’s last region drop. Today’s release of his 3.0 update brings not only beautiful landscapes, but Sumeru, a jungle-themed region. You’ll need to reach the main point in his questline to access this region, but you’ll be able to explore the entire region as soon as you reach it.

Along with many new quests and lore, Sumeru offers new gameplay features that affect your experience wherever you are. The addition of the Dendro element opens up countless attack combinations and party-building strategies, while the new quatrefoil sign mechanic lets you skip the tedious walking and gliding. Get a quick overview of all the information added today so you can explore Sumeru without delay.

Honkai: Starrail

Honkai: Star Rail is believed to be Genshin Impact’s first major competitor. They look the same on the surface, but are made by the same company, HoYoverse, for good reason. However, while it copies a lot of features from the developer’s main game, it introduces enough new features to be comfortable on its own. However, thanks to unique features such as a turn-based combat system, Honkai Star Rail may be the best gacha game on Android upon release.

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet. But for a gameplay overview, check out the video above. Whether you face off against Genshin Impact or not, Honkai: Star Rail promises a vibrant open world, plenty of characters, and enough gacha to deplete your bank account for his gambling.

how to say goodbye

How to Say Goodbye is a narrative puzzle game published by ARTE Experience. It’s a relatively short game, 3-4 hours long, but it promises an original experience. The illustrated book has inspired visuals and your goal is to help a wandering ghost reach another world. Avoid.

In our hands-on, we were impressed with the tactile experience of the game as the vibrations made us feel every movement on the ground. increase.


Ideas are part of the game and part of the social experience. Bounce light bulbs on real-world locations and encounter everyday objects in your quest to get to the end. But you don’t have eternity. You’re keeping the clock, but running out of time is the idea here. When time runs out, the game asks you to enter ideas that other players will encounter later. Assuming the game doesn’t let you get spoiled by internet trolls, it could be a great way to relax when it releases later this fall.

Can’t wait to see the announcement come true?

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru update is the only item on this list playable today, but we don’t have to wait long for Tower of Fantasy or How to Say Goodbye. .

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