20% Off All 6 Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters On Sale

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Square Enix has remastered the first six titles in the Final Fantasy RPG series, with the first three released this November and the sixth finally released this February. Well, they’re all pretty new titles, so they haven’t been released yet since they were released. That ends today as all 6 games are currently 20% off retail prices. If you’ve been patiently waiting for a sale on your favorite his JRPG remastered to fit a 2D pixel art style, Square Enix has you covered with a discount on the Play Store today.

Final Fantasy I

If you haven’t played all 6 titles yet, you can also start from the beginning. Get Final Fantasy I for $9 today. This is his mobile release from Square Enix. That said, there’s no controller support, but thankfully the touch controls are decent and the game is turn-based, so you don’t need twitch reflexes to play the game. Plus, since this is a remaster, you get all-new 2D pixel art designed for HD devices and auto battles that make the game less annoying.

Final Fantasy II

A direct sequel to FF I, Final Fantasy II takes what made the first great work and expands on a formula that offers unique character growth that doesn’t rely on a single stat. Still, like all remasters in today’s sale post, there’s no controller support, but a revamped UI for touchscreens, new 2D graphics, and some niceties like the ability to speed up combat Features are available. So if you’ve already played FF I or want to dive into a game that doesn’t feel dated because of the different mechanics, Final Fantasy II, currently retailing for $9, is a great choice. .

final fantasy III

Not to be confused with Final Fantasy VI, which was called Final Fantasy III in the 90’s in the US. No, FF III is the follow-up to II and once again expands on the mechanics of its predecessor, including the giant summons that are now a staple of the series. It’s also a remaster, so you’ll get 2D HD graphics, his touch-friendly UI, and a speed boost for battles. Additionally, FF II offers a great job system that lets you change any character as you progress. It’s the game’s standout mechanic and one of the many reasons III is still considered a classic today. Watch out for the III price increase, as the regular retail price is $18. Therefore, it sells for $14.

Final Fantasy IV

It was the first of the group to be released on SNES first, with their next two titles also being SNES releases. Again he was known as FF II in the US as this is another title that appeared in the US with a different number in the 90s. For someone who grew up playing his FF II in America, the game you’re looking to recapture that magical moment is exactly Final Fantasy VI. Like his previous three remasters, his 2D graphics on HD screens have been improved, giving him a combat speed mechanic and his UI to be touch-friendly. Like III, IV jumps in price, so you can get it for $14 during the sale.

Final Fantasy Ⅴ

For me, this is where the FINAL FANTASY series starts to take on its heat. V is less well-known than VI and offers a more realistic story, but the mechanics are still maintained thanks to a job system extended from IV. What’s really surprising is that VI has its roots in V. If you’re looking to experience more of FF VI and haven’t played FF V yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. As with all remasters, it includes improved gameplay, UI, and graphics and retails for $14.

final fantasy Ⅵ

Last but not least, a heavy hitter that is often considered one of, if not the best JRPG ever made. it has it all. A great story with great turn-based gameplay, great pixel art and soothing music. In my humble opinion, no other JRPG of his has surpassed Final Fantasy VI, so if you were to pick just one title today, Final Fantasy VI should be that game. A revamped UI, touch controls, new 2D pixel graphics, and quick battles all for $14.

But wait, there’s more

That’s right, not only are all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on sale today, but several others from Square Enix, including three 3D versions of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Adventures of Mana and Final Fantasy III. Games are also for sale. IV, and IV: After Years. So, if you want to grab a few more deals, you can head over to the Play Store via the widget below.

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