16 Best Word Games on Android in 2022

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Gaming on a touchscreen can be difficult, but there are certainly some genres that are well suited to the mobile platform. One of the most popular is word games and their various forms. So instead of digging endlessly through the Play Store trying to find the best Android games, you can peruse our handy roundup of the best word games available on Android right now.

Wordfued Premium

This is for all the Scrabble fans out there.Once you see that official Scrabble includes in-app purchases of up to $299.99 per item, choosing a clone like Wordfeud is It’s easy. This is the premium version of Wordfeud. So it’s a complete package available for a single up-front fee. It supports online play, so you can play against your friends and family at any time. Sure, you’ll have to convince yourself to install Wordfeud, but Free versionanyone can play without spending money.


Wordle has grown in popularity with its daily word games, and Wordsmyth runs on this theme and offers daily word games that play like Boggle. Every day a new his 3×3 letter pattern will appear on your screen. It’s up to you to find all the words that can be made with those letters. The longer the better. The good thing about this setup is that there are no in-app purchases or ads as this is a premium game. Even better, there’s no timer either. You can spend hours on puzzles all day long, which makes this a relaxing release you can play all day.


Wordscapes has been available on Android since 2017. It’s managed to last longer than most titles, and this probably has something to do with its focus on live service gameplay. The game is a mix of crossword puzzle and Boggle, using the letters at the bottom of the screen to create words that fit in the field at the top of the screen. This is a simple setup that quickly becomes difficult. There are in-app purchases, but you can pay to remove ads in the game. Thank you for this. More or less, Wordscapes offers fun word-based gameplay whether you’re free to play or plan to invest in the title.

Wordscapes Word Game Summary (2)

Wordscapes Word Game Summary (1)

super type

by Philip Stollenmeyer Supertype offers something a little different than most of the word games on the list. Instead of using your vocabulary to create and find words, you have to place the letters on the board in strategic ways to collect the many dots scattered throughout each level. In one example, you might want to drop an M because letters can physically stick to objects, or you might want to drop a Y so that dropping an O causes it to roll in a certain direction. The choice is yours. That’s what makes the game so much fun. There is no free trial or demo as this is a premium he release. Luckily, the game is great, so you don’t have to worry about spending $2.

four letters

Four Letters grinds Boggle down to a lightning-fast formula. Within 20 seconds he creates a word from 4 letters, at which point the letters are updated. The goal is to play as many endless gameplays as possible without losing. Each puzzle has multiple answers and a leaderboard is included for those who want to put their word forming skills to the test. If you curse like a sailor, be aware that your favorite four-letter word of him is not supported, so you’ll need to keep it clean to play this.

Alphabear: Timeless Words

Choosing letters from the grid to spell words is easy, but when you throw in a bunch of bears, things get a little wild. Suppose someone combined word games and puzzle Threes to get closer to what Alphabear: Words Across Time has to offer. The goal is to spell the word with the letters shown in the grind on the screen. The bigger the letters, the cuter bears you unlock as you progress through the game. Spell words from the letters surrounding the bear and the bear will grow. The graphics are cute, the monetization is good (there are ads but you can pay to remove them) and you can collect adorable bears. What do you not like?

typography – wordplay

Letterpress is a competitive word game where players take turns forming words from letters on the board. This board consists of his 5×5 letter blocks and it is up to each player to find as many words as possible in the group. Of course, these words are worth points, and whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins. If you want to practice before fighting real-world opponents, you can always fight bots to learn your skills.

Letterpress – Word Games Summary of Word Games (1)

Letterpress – Word Games Summary of Word Games (2)

type shift

Typeshift is a unique puzzle game that combines anagrams and crossword puzzles. By the creators of SpellTower. The goal is to find as many words as possible within the string of letters provided. You can slide these columns up and down on your screen. That’s exactly how new words are formed from the letters provided. It’s a simple setup that works well. Accessible gameplay is exactly what makes Typeshift so popular.

words for birds

Bart Bonte is best known for his color games such as red and black. Like those titles, Words for a bird is a weird game with minimal art. It relies on solid gameplay to keep you entertained. The goal of Words for a Bird is to select letters on the screen to find words that are not included in the phrases provided. Not all of these characters are used, so we have to think a little bit about the solution. There are a total of 15 puzzles to solve (that’s all). It’s a short game, but it’s also a fun game.


Cryptogram is a simple word game where you solve a cipher message by finding ciphers in jumbled text. As you reveal hidden letter patterns, the goal of the game, the phrase, is slowly revealed. Best of all, the app was recently updated with improved backspace behavior that helps you clear characters from your selection.

bonza word puzzle

Suppose someone asks you to tear apart a completed crossword puzzle and put it back together piece by piece. That’s the Bonza Word Puzzle, a twist on the classic crossword puzzle design. Instead of filling in individual letters, your task is to combine entire sections of the completed crossword puzzle to form complete words.

kitty letter

Kitty Letter is a great choice if you’re looking for a competitive word game. The goal is simple: form words from the letters provided. The bigger the word, the more troops you add to your side of the board. The words you form are how you attack your opponent, and whoever forms more words first to create the largest army wins the entire enchilada. A full single-player campaign is also available if you want to practice your word-forming skills before jumping into competitive play.

word search puzzle

Word Search Puzzle offers a classic word search experience. Players are tasked with finding words in large letter blocks. There are three difficulty levels to choose from and several optional modes including a timer that puts more pressure on the player. This game is fun to watch and play, which is probably why it has been downloaded over a million times already.

Word Search Puzzle Word Game Roundup (2)

Word Search Puzzle Word Game Roundup (1)

Cryptogram – decrypt quotes

If you’re in the mood for something a little different and looking for more puzzle play with wordplay, check out Cryptogram. There are four difficulty levels to choose from, which should suit most people’s needs. You can also choose a theme for your play, whether you want to tackle knowledgeable themes or not. That’s right, decipher the encrypted text on the screen to create words and fill in these words to create famous quotes. Not only a word game in every way, but also a challenging puzzle game.


If you’re looking for a game that bucks the trend, doesn’t offer the typical word game gameplay, then Ord is probably what you’re looking for. , offers four separate quests that depend on your choice of words. Let’s say your character is about to wake up. You can choose to sleep or wake up. Your choice matters. Because if you make the wrong choice, things can quickly go from bad to worse. So instead of picking and choosing letters to form words like in many games in today’s roundup, Ord is a game where each interaction picks a word to see each story through. The text has a clear focus. As such, this is the perfect title to round up your word game.

Word Yard – Play with words

Boggle and crossword fans will enjoy Word Yard, which combines both genres in one game. Place the letters at the bottom of the screen into a crossword-like field in the middle of the screen. It’s an intuitive setting that appeals to adults and kids alike, and the monetization isn’t too bad either. The biggest annoyance is the game’s ads, but you can pay to remove them, so it’s not a big deal. The great thing is that no online connection is required. This makes this a good game for those who commute.

Word Yard - Summary of fun word games with words (1)

Word Yard - Words Word Game Summary (2)

This concludes today’s roundup of the best word games. Whether you prefer the familiar Scrabble-like Wordfeud mechanics, or enjoy a weird mix of genres like Typeshift, we hope everyone can find and play some word games. This is a continuously updated summary. If you want something added to the list, ask in the comments below. And whether you want to play your games on your favorite phone or your favorite tablet, we have a number of guides to help you choose the right model to enjoy your gaming session.

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