10 Best Survival Games (Updated August 2022)

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Survival games encompass many different subgenres and mechanics, but a common theme is the desire to stay alive. However, death results vary. Some games severely punish death, some strip you of some of your items, and others force you to restart the game. This means mobile gamers of all stripes have a variety of options.

Unfortunately, there are also millions of post-apocalyptic zombie survival games. Good games are hard to find. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best survival games available for Android to save you time.

1. Don’t starve

don't starve-1

Don’t Starve challenges you to stay alive as long as possible. However, permanent death is required as it’s the only way to unlock new characters, giving you a silver lining at the end of the game. scavenge and make tools to survive.

Don’t Starve encourages exploration and experimentation. The scratch ink art style creates a slightly unnerving environment, a frightening experience when the fire first goes out and darkness approaches.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft summary

Minecraft appears in many of our best Android gaming roundups, and for good reason. This is a game that you can play however you like, whether you want to build peacefully or prefer to test the limits of your survival skills. There are many ways to play the game, but survival mode is the purest Minecraft experience.

In Minecraft Survival Mode, you must manage your hunger and fend off monsters to survive. Keep your valuables safe at home, as you die quite often.

3. Bonfire: Forsaken Land

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a relatively relaxed survival game. Although the difficulty increases, the game’s steady pace means you have plenty of time to manage settlements before the next crisis strikes. You must survive from formidable monsters.

This game encourages careful strategy over quick reaction. It may take a few tries, but the simple mechanics make it all easy to learn. is.

4. This War Of Mine

Roundup of the best This War of Mine games (2)

This War of Mine brings survival games into the real world. The game lets you manage a group of civilians hiding in a war-torn city, avoiding snipers and hostile scavengers to gather resources. It’s challenging, but knowing you’re dealing with a real situation puts every decision in focus.

This War of Mine follows a day-night cycle. Manage the shelter during the day and go outside for supplies at night. Every decision has consequences, so plan your next move carefully.

5. Crashland

Crashlands is a survival RPG that hides challenging game mechanics behind cartoons and humor. Your goal is to help intergalactic trucker Flux Daves recover his luggage after he crash-lands on an alien planet. In quests, you will fight monsters, level up, craft tools, and most importantly, make new friends.

Crashlands incorporates useful mechanics that allow you to focus on exploring and building. An endless inventory of auto-sorting means you always have quick access to the tools you need, and building your base is quick and easy. Try it out if you want to get off the endless list of gritty and realistic survival games.

6. Terraria

Terraria is a survival game that encourages building and exploration above all else. Death is a minor inconvenience, but Terraria wants you to slowly explore a world filled with funky enemies and intriguing weapons. You can increase the difficulty, but it’s worth starting with the easier difficulty to see everything the game has to offer.

Terraria is perfect for those who like discovering new items and fighting lots of wacky enemies. There are no urgent missions, so take your time crafting weapons, building awesome structures, and trading NPCs for valuable items.

7. Survive


Survive is a modern take on classic text-based adventure games. Instead of moving your character around the world, you play the game by navigating menus and tapping buttons. Very refreshing. Focusing on text means you can focus on your decisions, not on animations or loading screens.

Death in Survive is away from one wrong decision, making it perfect for those who enjoy tough mental challenges. The game can feel a little underwhelming at times, but the challenging bar and multiple endings will keep you coming back again and again.

8. Out There: Ω Edition


There are roguelike games that pit you and your spaceship against the environment. You don’t fight bad guys and monsters just on the whims of an alien world. It’s a game, so once you die, it’s game over. But procedurally generated galaxies, multiple endings, and numerous starships make each playthrough different.

Out there is a fully immersive experience that brings the galaxy to life with deep lore and a wide variety of environments. If you want a survival game that’s all about killing things and you like the feeling of escaping death with the skin of your teeth, this is a great choice.

9. Mini Days

mini days-1

DAYZ is one of the most famous PC survival games. Mini DAYZ replaces polygons with pixels and a top-down camera, but it’s essentially the same experience. In Mini DAYZ, you are dropped into a wasteland inhabited by zombies and other players. You’ll have to manage your hunger and thirst, scavenge for supplies, and build a solid foundation to survive. Other players may help you, but beware of betrayal.

Mini DAYZ is perfect for those who like multiplayer PvP elements in survival games. It has no purpose other than survival, but the longer you go, the more perks, upgrades, and achievements you unlock.

10. Tinker Island

Tinker Island-1

Tinker Island-2

Tinker Island’s gameplay mechanics are relatively simple. Once you start playing, you’ll find that it resembles Survive or any other menu/text based game. However, Tinker Island offers a straightforward UI that makes it clear what happens next.

Tinker Island focuses heavily on the story portion of the game. With a lot of RPG elements incorporated, you’ll be upgrading and managing the same set of survivors throughout the game. Monsters, puzzles, treasures and much more to discover.

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Survival games often include mechanics from RPG games, but also borrow from many other genres. From casual adventures like Tinker Island to his PvP survival games like Mini DayZ, there is something for everyone. But if you want to relax your survival skills, try word games instead.

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