10 Best Online Multiplayer PvP Games to Play on Android in 2022

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Multiplayer PvP games offer a wide range of experiences on Android. From slow-paced card battlers like Hearthstone to frantic shooters like Call of Duty, there’s something for everyone. These are also great games for someone who doesn’t have time for long matchmaking queues or he sits in hour-long matches. With a few exceptions, mobile PvP games are often played for short matches, making them perfect for commuting.

Unfortunately, the Play Store is full of multiplayer games designed to empty your wallet. It can be hard to get around them, so we combed the store to find the best multiplayer PvP games for Android that don’t cost an arm and a leg. and you can enjoy a round with a friend who owns the game on another platform. If this sounds good, peruse our curated selection to find your next game obsession please.




Hearthstone for Android is a port of the successful desktop game. Three game modes are available for him: Hearthstone, Battlegrounds, and Mercenary. The original’s most popular mode, Hearthstone pits players in one-on-one combat, alternating between minions and spells to zero out an opponent’s health pool. Battlegrounds is an Auto Battler where players form teams in an 8-way free-for-all. Mercenaries is the newest mode, where the player forms his party of six minions and sets out on an adventure to complete quests and loot in a series of his PvE and PvP battles.

Hearthstone is easy to learn, but takes a long time to master. You sit there for hours pondering cards and combos and developing new strategies. But when you build that perfect deck and hit a winning streak, you can feel on top of the world.


Brawlhalla for mobile is an impressive achievement. Platform fighting games tend to rely heavily on haptic feedback, allowing experienced players to manipulate physics controllers with laser precision. Brawlhalla proves that a touchscreen is enough to leap, fight, and execute impressive combos. But if you want to improve your experience, try one of the best Android game controllers.

Brawlhalla boasts a wide range of characters and game modes, combined with buttery-smooth gameplay to create an unforgettable experience. A fair amount of content is locked behind a paywall, but there’s plenty of free content to start with.

teamfight tactics

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a strangely powerful game mode. Many competitive games require hours of practice and reading guides to be the best, but TFT is so intuitive that just following your intuition often pays off. TFT is part of the genre commonly known as Auto Chess or Auto Battler. Other he participates in games with eight players, collecting champions and items in consecutive rounds to build the perfect team.

One of the things that makes TFT so exciting is that every season all the champions are reworked, forcing players to create new strategies. This keeps the game fresh by preventing certain combos from dominating and ensuring that no two seasons feel the same.

clash royale

Clash Royale-1

clash royale-2

Like Hearthstone, Clash Royale is a deck building game. However, Clash Royale ramps up the intensity with a desperate mix of real-time strategy and tower defense. The games are fast-paced, so you can comfortably play a few games on your commute.

Don’t let the cartoony look fool you. Clash Royale rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. Googling the perfect deck might help you get started, but managing real-time combat takes a good deal of practice. becomes more important. Progression can feel unnecessarily arduous, and while the game isn’t pay-to-win, you may find that it takes time to get the decks you want.

PUBG Mobile



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) follows a format similar to the original PC version, dropping players into a vast open world and trying to be the last man standing. However, the matches are short, about 10 minutes compared to the original’s average of 30 minutes, so he won’t be crawling around for 30 minutes just to be sniped by an unseen assailant.

The controls are fully customizable and designed specifically for mobile, so you won’t have to struggle too much to create a playstyle you’re comfortable with. With regular updates, dozens of game modes and unique mechanics, this game is a must-play for Battle Royale enthusiasts.

rocket league sideswipe

rocket league sideswipe season 2 screen

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 2 Screen (1)

Rocket League Sideswipe is a dramatic change from the PC version. Switching to a 2D format may seem too simplistic at first, but in reality it just narrows the focus. Sideswipe is just as fast-paced and challenging as the original.

The goal of Rocket League Sideswipe is simple. Hitting the ball into the goal with your car more times than your opponent. Once you’ve done that, pull off tricks like the pros and aim the ball at the goal. 2D planes mean less frustration, and games that last just a few minutes will leave you hungrier. Microtransactions only get cosmetic items, so when you lose or win a game you know it’s entirely thanks to your skill.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift Best of Games Roundup (1)

League of Legends Wild Rift best of games roundup

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a fast-paced MOBA that’s comfortable to play on mobile. League of Legends is known for its high skill caps, but Wild Rift levels the playing field while maintaining a classic experience.

For those new to MOBAs, if you’re looking for a game that rewards your time spent, give this one a try. Each champion is very different from the next and requires practice and careful thought to master. However, mastering champions is only half of it, and teamwork is the name of the game here. The game is his 5-a-side, so you have to reach out to the team no matter how good you are.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent was originally a great mini-game within The Witcher 3. The standalone game is much the same, but retuned and configured for online play. Each match is the best of three. The deck doesn’t reset after each round, and if you use all your cards in the first round, you’re ready to lose.

Unfortunately, it’s not as friendly as it could be. The gameplay is a nice mix of cheating, bluffing, and strategy, but the confusing tutorial and bewildering amount of cards can put new players away. But if you stick with it, you’ll fall in love with this challenging card game. It’s worth it just to see it.

call of duty

Call of Duty Mobile Best Roundup (2)

Call of Duty Mobile Best Roundup (1)

Call of Duty Mobile is a shooter that’s two games in one. One is a classic team-based game mode that pits players against each other, and the other is his PUBG-like battle royale. Along with the fast-paced gameplay, CoD Mobile offers players impressive realistic visuals without compromising performance. It’s a great way to crank out a few games of Call of Duty without booting up the console, and it’s not all that inexperienced.

CoD Mobile is regularly updated with new maps, gear, and game modes. With plenty of customization to create the character of your dreams, if you’re looking for a truly engaging shooter, this is your best bet.

stick fight

stick fight-1

stick fight-2

Stick Fight is a refreshing and silly game perfect to play with friends. It’s a simple case of being the last man standing, but various obstacles, traps and enemies stand in your way. Armed with a variety of weapons, from shotguns to snake guns, the controls are intentionally slippery, but creating mayhem during combat adds to the fun.

Also great as a party game. Playing online is great, but it’s also an ideal game to play as a couch co-op game. But no matter how you play it, it’s sure to be fun.

take off your socks online

These online multiplayer PvP games for Android are sure to inspire your competitive spirit. If you’re wary of jumping into the genre as a PvP newbie, try one of the more relaxed games like Hearthstone first. Of course, games are best shared with friends, so gather a group and let him get the most out of a competitive shooter like PUBG Mobile.

However, competitive games can come at a cost, so feel free to play a casual or sandbox game or two once you’ve knocked out a few matches. Perhaps one of the best Android game controllers will suit your needs.

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