Wordle is tackling its biggest weakness

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Soon you don’t have to worry about losing streaks when switching devices

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How obsessed are you with Wordle players? Would you like to keep a carefully selected list of starting words secret so that your friends don’t get an unreasonable advantage? Is your everyday vocabulary starting to drop all those useless words that are longer than 5 letters? Perhaps most importantly, what is your source? What’s worse than the victory of the five dignified guesses is to miss the day altogether. This is not a useful situation if you are juggling multiple devices. Thankfully, Wordle plans to do something about it.

Instead of recording individual playback statistics on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and wherever you access Wordle, you’ll soon be able to: Synchronize progress between devices Through your New York Times account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free. If you are already a registered NYT user, you can easily connect Wordle to your existing account.

Just like submitting a Wordle guess itself, this process is one-way and permanent. There is no recovery or redo here. So, if you’re already using Wordle on a variety of hardware, consider which of these you would like to see for future official statistics.

The New York Times does not provide an accurate timetable for the arrival of this synchronization support, but the language used by the New York Times is publication It suggests that you can start linking things pretty quickly.

If you’re a little nervous about the strength of Wordle players these days, or just just finished practicing with the records management linked to this official account, take a look at Wordle’s tips. A trick for all the best advice on how to optimize your strategy.

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