Verizon wants to pay for the Xbox just like a mobile phone

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The wireless network operator wants to sell Xbox All Access in some stores and online.

VerizonXboxAllAccess Announcement Hero

Verizon aims to make friends with children by selling payment plans for the Xbox console. Xbox all access..Plans start at $ 25 per month (keyword start) and rise from there depending on whether you choose Xbox Series S or Series X (X is offered for $ 35 per month) for two years. Game Pass Ultimate, This is exactly the same console payment period you get by joining XboxAllAccess. Microsoft already has a number of partners who can sign up for Xbox All Access (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.), but Verizon is in the fight. With announcement Some Verizon retailers and their online storefronts will be selling Xbox All Access starting July 28th.

If you want to learn more about Verizon’s efforts to pull parents into a two-year payment plan on the Xbox console, the video above can make sure everyone is convinced that it’s not a trick to extend a phone payment plan. I can do it. Of course, with a little help from Microsoft, add a tablet to your game console payment plan.

It all depends on how economical these Xbox All Access plans are. This suspiciously forgot Verizon mentioning in the video above. If you choose to use the Xbox Series S as part of your Xbox All Access plan, you’ll have to pay $ 25 a month, which will be $ 600 over two years. The Xbox Series S retails for $ 300 and the Game Pass Ultimate retails for $ 15 per month, which is $ 360 over two years, so signing up for Xbox All Access saves $ 60. Basically, if you choose to use the cheapest Xbox available, you’ll save enough to buy one for the entire AAA game.

If you move Xbox All Access to the Xbox Series X for $ 35 per month in two years, you’ll get $ 840. The console, which sells for $ 500, includes $ 360 worth of access to the Game Pass Ultimate. You can save $ 20 on a two-year subscription to Xbox All Access, which is pretty easy.

At least to commemorate today’s announcement, Verizon will offer discounts on some Xbox accessories every time Xbox All Access goes on sale within two days. For example, the Xbox Elite controller is 50% off. AP has chosen the best game controller to use on Android. There are also discounts on headsets and third-party controllers, all of which will be available on the 28th.

  • Buy Xbox All Access and get 50% off your Xbox Elite controller.
  • Buy a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller and get $ 40 off Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headsets (retail price $ 59.99).
  • 25% Off Razer Xbox Wolverine V2 Controller and Kaira Headset Bundle

Personally, I don’t think there’s enough savings to worry about Xbox All Access while tied to a two-year payment. Especially if those savings are fairly small. With the Xbox All Access, it may be easier to get an Xbox for your family without spending money, but it’s up to anyone but them to insist that the mobile industry push people into their payment plans. I’m not sure it’s a good thing. But maybe I’m too cynical?If only Verizon doesn’t make such cynicalism so easy, then such low savings and painfully crunchy videos Announcing expansion into Xbox games..

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