Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Brings Wobbled Massacre to Mobile

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Thankfully, the indie fighting game looks the same as the console / PC version

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Source: YouTube XD

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a chaotic ragdoll battle simulation game, is now available on Android and iOS. Released on PC in April 2021, it was well received thanks to the army’s vast playground and hilarious physics system derived from the unit. Soon, mobile gamers will be able to have a similar experience.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator can help you lead your army of soldiers to victory. This is a simple enough concept until the hilarious physics engine is up and running. Hundreds of different units when fighting across various unique maps with an army of floppy limbs, from musketeers to Zeus.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for mobile announced at Tap Tap Presents 2022 With other mobile game hosts. I’m still not sure about the mobile port of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Official FAQ Confirm that it will be “almost the same as the PC version and console version”. More importantly, it’s been confirmed to be a premium game, so you can relax if you’re looking for a cheap, free interpretation.

However, a reasonable concern for the game is its performance. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator boasts extensive combat with numerous units on the field. This can put a strain on the hardware when combined with the associated ridiculous physics. Landfall Games at least confirms that the game is “performing better than expected on mobile,” thanks to thorough optimization. The trailer shows smooth performance without any noticeable issues, but has fewer on-screen entities than you’ve seen in PC or console games. However, since there is no release date yet, we can expect some improvements for landing before the release.

In the trailer, you can also see familiar units and maps for the PC and console versions. There are also UI shots tuned and optimized for mobile for touch screen playback.

Mobile phone showing the game

Source: Youtube XD

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for mobile is developed by XD games. Cross-play between mobile and console / PC is not supported, but Android and iOS users can play together.If you can’t wait, check out the game vapor Rotate it before it’s released on mobile.On the contrary, you can also Pre-register for mobile version with TapTap now..

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