Top 16 Android Games for Kids (Updated July 2022)

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Now that summer is in full swing and many indoors are still hot, why not play some mobile games and spend some time until things get cold? We have collected a handy summary of the best kids games on Android. This allows young children to be hooked while these games provide fair monetization for all ages.

So if you’re looking for the best Android game for kids that won’t break the bank while providing fun gameplay (sometimes even educational) that young kids can understand, today’s summary is for you. fun!

1. Town Scaper

Townscaper Kids Games Summary

Townscaper is a sandbox game aimed at building a beautiful Italian city in the middle of the sea. Building these gorgeous towns is as easy as tapping the screen. that’s it. It’s very easy for young children to do it. So Townscaper is a great game for kids, with nothing to read and no goals. The game looks great and is great to play. This is the perfect game for all ages and difficult to launch, so don’t miss it. This is a waiting classic.

2. Deep route

Summary of DeepLoot Kids Games

Collection games are all the rage, but it’s hard to find titles that aren’t designed to empty your wallet. That’s exactly why Deep Loot has been so successful, especially for young people. The gameplay is fair and will stir up the itching of the collection without breaking the bank. The goal is to collect loot that can be used to unlock new dive suits and large fishing vessels by gradually improving the gear to discover the best possible loot.

3. Lego Duplo Marvel

LEGO DUPLOMARVEL The best game for kids

Game titles full of this brand can be confusing to see Duplo, Lego and Marvel all teaming up in one game, but that’s all of a great superhero game. It’s teamwork. There are several different mini-games inside, and you can even buy more games by running what is offered. If you don’t want to buy new mini-games in small increments, you have an optional subscription that provides access to all released mini-games.

So if you or your kid is a Lego, Duplo, or Marvel fan, small kids can easily handle it thanks to bite-sized gameplay that offers some fun scenarios starring everyone’s favorite Marvel characters. I have a lot of things I like here in Duplo / Lego format.

4. Pokemon Playhouse

Unlike most Pokemon games on Android, Pokemon Playhouse is completely free and designed to appeal to kids. Kids can easily interact with several different Pokemon while exploring different places. There is also a grooming aspect similar to the Tamagotchi game. Overall, this is a casual exploration game that offers several mini-games, all designed for kids ages 3-5, so it’s a complete introduction to the properties for kids that can’t be read yet. ..

5. Denali Molly: Learn about nature and the community

Molly of Denali-Go on alaskan Adventure is provided by PBS Kids and is a partnership with the TV show of the broadcaster of the same name. This is a kids game for kids ages 4-8, offering show-themed mini-games that allow players to explore nature. This is a free release that does not include in-app purchases or ads. Therefore, if you are looking for a fair game for kids from 4 to 8 years old, Molly of Denali is a safe choice.

6. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose Pet Bingo is an educational math game for kids ages 5-10. Not only is the title completely free to download and use, but it also contains a lot of math skills to learn. This includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, and geometry. Thus, your child should be covered regardless of their current level of learning.In addition, if you need more content, check the rest Duck duck mousse Excellent catalog.

7. Little Inferno

The best game for Little Inferno Kids Roundup

Tomorrow Corporation offers some quirky games for mobile. The most eccentric is Little Inferno, a game of burning toys in the fireplace. Trial and error is often the key to success. This means that almost everyone can play, including small children. After all, who can’t get a kick, especially from igniting children? So, instead of letting little Jimmy burn your house when experimenting in a real game, why not let the little devil live his destructive fantasy through this quirky and fun game.

8. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Boca is one of the publishers who stick to their guns. Not only are all games free of in-app purchases, they are also open-ended and gender-neutral. Their most popular release, Toca Kitchen 2, is, in our opinion, a perfect example of their ethical design. Like Cooking Mama, it’s a fun little cooking game that allows kids to explore the wacky combinations of foods they can think of and provide them to NPCs for humorous results.

9. Tornado time free


Tornado Time Free is an old game, but a good one. The range is simple because there is only one stage and only one goal. Destroy the town as much as possible. Basically, it’s your job to demolish a small town and get the highest score. This type of setting is iterative in nature, but I don’t think many children will notice a lack of diversity. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun to destroy the town many times. What kind of kids aren’t enjoying it?

10. Gokko Zoo-Paint & Play

Gocco Zoo offers fun games where you can raise and paint zoo animals. If it floats on your boat, you can even event a new species of animal. Basically, this is a title that combines the fun of a painting app with the joy of taking care of digital creatures. So if you like feeding animals and hitting them with beautiful colors, this is a game for you, you are a weirdo.


Starfall is an educational app that provides simple content to users from kindergarten to third grade. This app offers many games to delve into popular themes such as reading, math and even singing. This is a great title to play at home, as it requires an internet connection to play. If your kids are just learning their ABC and 123, Starfall is a quality choice that won’t break the bank.

12. Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom Kids Game Summary (2)

Niantic is well known for the augmented reality collection game Pok√©mon GO and is at the forefront of AR technology. Most of the games in the studio follow a similar design, but Pikmin Bloom is a little different from other games. Think of it as a fun step counter, as this is a walking game and your goal is always to walk. What seems interesting is that the theme is Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise, and you can grow Pikmin from seedlings every time you take a step.

Yes, the game includes in-app purchases, but if your goal is to walk, you don’t need the shortcuts Niantic sells. So if you want to take your child out with an app that promotes healthy activities, Pikmin Bloom is probably what you’re looking for.

13. LEGO City Explorer

LEGO City Explorers is a rocket launching game very similar to the Kerbal Space Program. It’s inspired by NASA and contains lots of videos of real astronauts working. This is what we loved when we were kids. The game also appears to be related to some of LEGO’s retail models. This adds a layer of interactivity to the game if you plan to purchase a particular product for your child.

14. Playmobil Mars mission

Like Lego, Playmobil tends to release free mobile games as ads for blockbuilding toy lines. These games are often fun and Playmobil Mars missions definitely fit this description. Much of the gameplay revolves around collection-based missions, which act as a kind of educational game. Despite a bit of repetitive gameplay, it’s not very clear how “educational” it really is, but it’s a fun little game. At the very least, kids need to be overjoyed when exploring Mars with this PLAYMOBIL release.

15. Thinkrolls Space

Thinkrolls Space Kids Games Summary

Avokiddo is a well-known developer of children’s games, and while developers aren’t as active as they once were, Thinkrolls Space is still an outstanding title you’ve rarely heard of. More or less, this is a puzzle game where you use colorful heroes as gap fillers to reach the end of each stage. This is a simple maze-like setup that kids can enjoy, and thanks to the simple controls, kids can easily play this game without any help. So if you’re looking for something quirky and interesting for your youth, Thinkrolls Space is a rough gem that you shouldn’t miss.

16. Kids

Kids is a weird little game that only lasts up to 30 minutes. Therefore, keep in mind that this title is about the experience, not the long-lasting gameplay. Fortunately, what’s under the surface is worth the asking price. Black and white art is probably the first thing most people notice, and it’s simple yet impressive.

Gameplay revolves around moving with and against the crowd to see which option first empties the stage, if you can call it it. The mechanism is intuitive and the black and white cartoon design should appeal to children. This will be a fun little title to play around with just to see what happens.

Check your child’s screen time on Android

The game is great for a nasty hot afternoon, If the screen time is too long, it can adversely affect your child’s health... Finding healthy activity is good not only for the physical health of you and your child, but also for your overall well-being. If you want to limit screen time for you or your kids, taking a few minutes to set up Android’s digital well-being feature is a great way to reduce overuse of your smartphone.

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