Tom Clancy's division franchise will be mobile — sign up for the test today

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A new release of the open world third-person shooter franchise, offering fresh stories and characters

Tom Clancy Division Resurgence Hero 2

Apparently, the well-known franchise doesn’t have a secure mobile interpreter to play for free, so Ubisoft has just announced that it’s working on Tom Clancy’s division mobile games. The title is known as Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, and of course the game is free to play, offering the familiar cover-based shooting known in the series, all done in the open world. This mobile sect extends the lore of the first two games in the series to provide solo or co-op that spans PvE content. Testing will start shortly.So Ubisoft is already Sign up on the game website If you want to apply for testing of unreleased titles before they are officially released.

Today’s announcement is fresh and lacking in detail, but Ubisoft kindly provided a trailer for the announcement. This can be seen above. The video is short, just over a minute long, but the gameplay is displayed so you can better understand the graphics the game is pushing. More or less, I’ll be back in New York, the place of the first game. In this next release, the events of the first two games are ideally expanded. Again, it’s your job to protect the citizens of the city as part of the Strategic Homeland sector.

Ubisoft’s PR states that gear collection and upgrades are key features. This sounds like a great opportunity to inject gacha mechanics. Also, thanks to co-op, the synergies of building with partners are very important. The game also seems to be able to provide character gachas on top of gear gachas. But this is just a guess, as Ubisoft doesn’t share technical details beyond some obscure slogans in PR.

Tom Clancy's Division Revival Screen (2)

Tom Clancy's Division Revival Screen (1)

So you have it. Ubisoft plans to introduce a franchise of division’s third-person shooters on mobile as a free open world release that offers co-op. Since this is the nature of a branded F2P mobile game, the game is likely to land as a gacha cash grab, so it’s not too exciting. However, some AAA shooters, like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, are migrating to mobile using aproms, so there’s a small chance that Ubisoft won’t ruin this.If it sounds intriguing to you, you may want Sign up for the test on the official website before Ubisoft runs out of slots..

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