This ultra-compact Tetris machine is the best $ 20 distraction I've ever encountered

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Where is the long part? I’m looking for a long piece. hello?

You may be a familiar independent designer or craftsman who creates and replaces wool hats and pleated skirts, as well as succulents covered with various stains of resin. Oh yeah, you’ve been to Etsy before. But even those who tinker with small tech have a fairly healthy cottage economy. To be sure, many of them focus on keyboard switches and emulator kits. But sometimes, all you need to get everyone’s attention is a small Tetris machine, which one British designer did.

The ant, nicknamed Ampersand, created a small palm-sized ant called an asterisk (if the palm is 4 cm or 1.6 inches wide) (via). Liliputing). Sure, it definitely looks like the symbol said — maybe you can take it with a grain of salt, but it’s just our meta-humor at work. More importantly, users can play “falling block puzzle games” on a small 0.91 inch monochrome OLED display using the four controls on the “legs” of the asterisk. Ampersand states that the current high score is 57,740.

2022-06-28T17_38_44.887Z-IMG_3220 Ampersand / Tindy

If you’re trying to beat the creators in your game (or Alexey Pajitnov’s game?), Unfortunately you can’t.At the time of pressing, Asterisk is out of stock in Ampersand Tindy On the current page, it is not clear if and when to ship. It costs $ 20 and does not include shipping. Requires CR2032 coin cell batteries.

However, we recommend that you try creating your own machine. Asterisk uses the Microchip ATtiny85 as its microcontroller. Arduino source code available Everyone should play. Make sure it’s not as fun to make as it is to actually play. Or maybe you just make it, have fun, and give the results to the people you care about. What I’m talking about here is to have fun.

Once that’s done, you may be able to move to Google Japan’s Koi teacup keyboard.

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