The Razer Kishi is one of Android's best controllers, with Prime Day for $ 45.

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If your mobile game requires tactile control, Razer Kishi is one of the best solutions.

Razer Kishi Prime Day Sale Hero wm

Since Razer released the Kishi controller in 2020, it’s been a staple of mobile games, and that’s a good reason. It’s well-built, comfortable to hold in your hand, uses USB-C to connect to reduce latency, is easy to fold and carry, and fits a variety of Android smartphones. The only caveat over the last two years is that the Razer Kishi is usually an expensive controller, but thanks to the onslaught of Prime Day sales, you can: Pick one for $ 45 today (Usually retailed for $ 80), it’s about as good as it gets.

Razer Kishi — $ 35 Off

$ 45 on Amazon

Thanks to Prime Day, we are now making a lot of great sales. I’m familiar with Razer Kishi as a guru in AP games, so I thought it was a good idea to share the current sale of one of my favorite mobile controllers, Razer Kishi. This is a side-by-side device that has existed as the de facto Android game controller since its release. Not only is it provided by Razer, one of the world’s top peripheral manufacturers, but it’s also a very valuable tool for gaming on Android. Seeing that there are many mobile games that often need it, thanks to the demanding controls originally designed for the controller, as well as providing controller support (yes, I’m talking about ports). Breaking the shore is a surefire way to get it, especially if you’re playing competitively in games like Rocket League Sideswipe and Apex Legends Mobile to get the most out of your game session.

So if you wanted to get a Razer Kishi, but always thought the $ 80 retail price was too high, today’s Prime Day sale is to get a cheap $ 45 price at almost half the price. It is the window of. Remember what I said; this is a high quality device that I use almost every day when testing games for news coverage of AP games. It’s a staple of my life that I’ve loved since I first tasted it in 2020. Razer Kishi Is one of the best controllers on the platform. Especially if you need a device that clips both ends of the phone for an experience like the Nintendo Switch.

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