The best tablet app for Android in 2022

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Google’s interest in tablets is coming and going. With new enthusiasm these days, there are many requests for the status of tablet apps on the Play Store. In fact, it’s very difficult to find an app that fits your tablet or Chromebook with an acceptable UI. That’s exactly why Techvair has put together a summary of this tablet app and offers a carefully selected selection of the best Android apps that provide tablet support. So if you like big screens and are hungry for apps that fill a lot of space correctly, you’re in the right place.

Amazon for tablets

As the name implies. This is an Amazon shopping app designed specifically for tablets. Just as the phone app displays the site on the phone, this tablet app fills the entire tablet screen with shopping goodness. This version also has some exclusive features, such as a long press option to throw an item to the bottom of the screen and save it to a always accessible tray, like a gorgeous bookmark for all your favorite items. ..

A 7-10 inch tablet is recommended. The app is pretty old, but Amazon is still enthusiastically updating it. There is one thing for sure. Even if Google doesn’t feel it is necessary, it’s great to see other companies support tablets on Android.

Summary of Amazon for Tablets Tablets

Summary of Amazon for Tablets Tablets (1)

Google news

If you’re looking for a new tablet-oriented feed, Google News is one of the top choices (along with Feedly, it’s on today’s list), thanks to its two-column layout that fits the big screen of your tablet. It is one. It’s working pretty well. By the way, things look great, even in the landscape. So Google News is also great on Chromebooks. More or less the app works as you would expect. Choose your interests, and you will receive daily news that revolves around them. Google News also supports subscriptions to The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, so you can even read your favorite newspapers in one app.

Summary of Google News Tablet App

Summary of Google News Tablet App (1)

Microsoft office

Microsoft’s Office application is the best example of an Android app optimized for tablets I’ve come across. Of course, you may not need to edit your Excel spreadsheets often on the go, but the app has the same “ribbon” interface as the desktop version.There is also Extensive support for keyboard shortcuts If you regularly use the keyboard on your tablet.

In 2020, Microsoft released a new Office app that combines PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into one package. The app didn’t properly support tablets initially, but it has since been fixed. Microsoft also Office Lens Scanner And a note that syncs with Windows 10, but I’m not using those features.

The only downside is that it is necessary to create and edit the document Microsoft 365 paid subscriptionFormerly known as Office 365. The cheapest plan is $ 70 a year (or $ 7 a month) and includes 1TB of OneDrive storage in addition to the web, mobile, and native desktop versions of the most popular Office applications.

VLC for Android

VLC is a cross-platform media player that can open almost any video or audio file ever created, and the Android app works very well. It has an integrated file browser (with the ability to view network drives!), Picture-in-picture support, and other great features.

The interface only has tweaks for tablets, such as additional columns in the file viewer, but you’ll spend most of your time watching the media anyway. VLC is also one of the few media applications I’ve tried that actually pauses content when you tap the spacebar on your keyboard.


Pocket is a simple app for later saving text content found on the web. Pocket displays these stories in a very readable format, without distractions. Best of all, this app provides the best portrait and landscape tablet interface with multiple lines of content. Even stories look great on big screens, but it’s useful if the images aren’t always centered.

The great thing is that anyone can use the app for free (it works with Firefox, which makes it much easier to store content on the platform). However, if you want a better search and a persistent library of content, you need a subscription. Fortunately, if you need additional features, it’s only $ 4.99 per month.

Pocket tablet summary

Pocket tablet summary (1)

Collabora Office

If you like open source apps, you’ve probably heard of LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Well, and enterprising developers have built an open source office app called Collabora, which is based on LibreOffice / OpenOffice. As you can imagine, it’s completely free to download and supports many extensions such as .odt, .odp, .ods, .ots, .ott, .otp, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .dotx, etc. I have. .xltx, .ppsx, doc, .ppt, .xls, .dot, .xlt, and .pps.

Conveniently, Collabora Office uses the same engine as LibreOffice, with a front end Collabora Online, This will create an app suitable for large and small screens. Google Drive is supported right out of the box, and it also works seamlessly, so you can intuitively save and edit files on the go.

Summary of tablets such as Collabora Office LibreOffice and OpenOffice

Summary of tablets such as Collabora Office LibreOffice and OpenOffice (2)


Gmail is one of the few Google apps with a dedicated tablet interface. On the big screen, Gmail has a two-column design with your inbox on the left and your current message on the right.There is also Some keyboard shortcuts available Manage your messages quickly.

Summary of Gmail tablet app (1)

Summary of Gmail tablet app (2)

Microsoft Outlook

If you’re not a fan of Gmail, or just want to try something new, Microsoft Outlook is another great email application for Android tablets.This works with third-party email services in addition to Microsoft’s own email service. Outlook.comYou can use it without switching your e-mail address.

The layout of Outlook is similar to Gmail on tablets, with columns in both the inbox and the currently selected message, with some differences. The list of accounts is always pinned to the left and you can switch between the third columns of your inbox / folder by pressing the hamburger menu in the upper left.

MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo is one of the best note-taking applications I’ve tried on Android. You can convert handwritten text to text. Like Evernote and OneNote, you can embed images, drawings, and other resources in your notes. The Complete list of features To be honest, it’s amazing.

Nebo has one pitfall. To use all the features, you need an Android device with an active stylus such as the Galaxy Tab S6 or S6 Lite. Nebo has a list of compatible models here..

Twitter Lite

A regular Twitter app will definitely look terrible On tablets, tweets occupy the entire width of the screen. You should use Twitter Lite, a repackaged version of the Twitter web app.It’s not a messy native Android application, but it looks like Significantly Better on a tablet.

Twitter Lite is only available from the Play Store in some regions, so if you can’t download it, open it. In your mobile browser of your choice, find the option to install on your home screen (in Chrome, tap the menu button in the upper right corner and[ホーム画面に追加]Choose). This is exactly the same experience. Don’t forget to enable notifications from your Twitter settings to take advantage of all the features.

Feedly-Smarter News Reader

Feedly is one of Android’s most popular feed reader apps, and I think it has something to do with the fact that the app properly supports large screens. The layout of your tablet is quite similar to the layout of magazines that most people are familiar with, so you can browse the app comfortably when digesting daily news.

Feedly-Smarter News Reader Tablet Summary (2)

Feedly-Smarter NewsReader Tablet Summary

Google Duo

Google Duo is probably the best video chat application on Android and works just like a phone on a tablet. In fact, you no longer need a phone number paired with your Google account when using it on your tablet. This is useful for toddlers and other people who do not have a phone.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is a great file manager application and one of the few options with a clean tablet interface. Includes dual panel mode for viewing (and moving between files) two directories at once, network drive support, batch operations, and integration with various cloud storage services.

You don’t really need to move files on your Android device, but if that happens on a regular basis, try Solid Explorer. You can use it for 14 days before you have to pay a $ 1.99 in-app purchase for full access.

Samsung internet browser

Samsung Internet is one of Android’s most popular web browsers and seems to be one of the best tablet interfaces. This is not surprising given that Samsung is the only company that manufactures high-end Android tablets, but you don’t necessarily need a Galaxy Tab to use your browser. It is available in the Play Store on any device.

Although Samsung Internet is based on Chrome, it has some features that Google’s browser does not have. You can move the buttons to your liking, force a dark theme on all web pages, or install the add-on of your choice. Tabs can be displayed below the address bar (similar to Chrome) or hidden behind the tab button to increase vertical space.

Gboard keyboard

Gboard is the default keyboard application for many Android devices and has one of the best features on tablets. One-handed mode. With Gboard open, tap the detached keyboard icon on the toolbar to move your keyboard to a floating window. It’s much easier to type while holding the tablet in one-handed mode. This is especially true if you swipe between letters instead of tapping the keys individually.

Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is another web browser that works slightly on Android tablets than Chrome. It shares the same core engine as Chrome, but offers a tracker blocker, an option to always show desktop sites (very useful for sites trying to load mobile layouts on tablets), speed dials, and a built-in screenshot utility. ..


SketchBook is one of the most feature-packed drawing applications on Android. Designed for everything from industrial design sketches to digital art, it works best with tablets and active styluses.

Amazon Kindle

Not only can you read comics on the Amazon Kindle app, but you also have access to the entire Amazon eBook store, from books to magazines to newspapers. Of course, the app is optimized for tablets with full screen utilization, and you can also dial your reading settings to display text across the screen. There is a warm lighting option that allows you to dim the screen regardless of the device’s global settings. This is very convenient. The Kindle app is one of the best e-reader apps on the platform and supports tablets, so it’s definitely a go-to for power readers who enjoy reading on the big screen.

Kindle Tablet Summary p (1)

Kindle Tablet Summary p (2)

Adobe Lightroom-Photo Editor and Professional Camera

I’ve always been an Adobe product, especially given that Adobe doesn’t support Linux (the desktop OS of my choice) and likes to charge monthly subscriptions for applications that haven’t changed much in 10 years. Hesitate to recommend, but in reality there is nothing Lightroom’s cross-platform competitor.

Lightroom is a great image editor for all your work related photos. Android allows you to connect your Sony Alpha camera via USB to transfer files, allowing you to run the entire image editing workflow from the Galaxy Tab. Best of all, Lightroom for Android supports image watermarking, making it a professional-level image editor for almost everyone’s workflow.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another application of the elite “Google apps that look fine on tablets” club. This is a cross-platform memo / list application that supports file attachment and reminder creation. Sure, there are more capable notebook applications, but Keep strikes a balance between functionality and simplicity.

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