The best party game for the summer of 2022

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Party games for Android are perfect for social events. You don’t have to spend time setting up board games or solving controller problems. You can join these games in minutes. Sometimes everyone needs to have their phone handy, and sometimes they only need one device. Each game is easy to learn, so you don’t have to waste time explaining the rules first.

These party games are some of the best Android games around and have collected the best from this list. Skip the awkward silence and start the game as soon as possible. Whether you’re looking for a digital board game or something to get people involved, you can find the ideal game on this list.

Stick fight

Stick Fight-1

Stick Fight-2

Stick Fight is a superbly ridiculous platformer, fighting the final battle between friends. We offer a wide variety of weapons, so you can spend hours trying out new and original ways to win. What makes Stick Fight a great party game is that it’s very easy to pick up and play in minutes. Controlling a character can be difficult, but it’s all part of the fun.

Just Dance Now



Just Dance was a big hit on the Wii in 2009 and is now more accessible than ever. All you need to play is a copy of the game and a screen with an internet connection. It’s free to download, but that means you pay for individual songs. It is advisable to do a brief survey before the party. That way, everyone’s favorites can be downloaded in advance.

King of Opera

King of Opera-1

King of Opera-2

If you have a small gathering, the King of Opera is a must-see. You only need one device (Android tablet is recommended) as it plays on exactly one screen. In King of Opera, you’ll be the last singer to knock out fellow players off stage. It’s a strange combination of sumo, opera and pinball, but it’s easy to learn and very satisfying to play.

heads up!

Heads up-3

Heads up-2

heads up! The best icebreaker for parties. You only need one device to play, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery or forgetting your phone. Heads up! One player selects a category and holds his mobile phone over his head. While other players are shouting clues, they need to guess the words that appear on the screen. It’s fast, easy and fun to play. The range of categories means that you can find themes that are suitable for any group and any age.

Exploding kitten

Exploding kitten-3

Exploding kitten-2

Exploding Kittens is a family-friendly version of Russian roulette. Players draw cards in turn until someone draws an exploding kitten. If they have nothing to counter it, they are out of the game. Thankfully, the game is packed with tricks, traps, and tools to protect yourself from death, give exploding kittens to other players, and look to the future.

Exploding kittens are perfect for groups of teens and older. In addition to standard games, it offers a range of optional add-ons for more ways to play.

Triple agent

Triple Agent-2

Triple Agent-3

Triple Agent is another great game that requires only one device. Players are secretly assigned their own role as either a service agent or a VIRUS double agent. The service agent is trying to eliminate the VIRUS double spy, but the VIRUS agent is intended to eliminate the service agent. As the game progresses, players will be handed more information to assist in their task.

Triple agents are harder to learn than the other games on this list, but after a few rounds they succeed in deceiving each other like a true secret agent.

Explosive Ordinance

Bomb Squad-3

Bomb Squad-2

BombSquad contains a collection of mini-games from Capture the Flag to Hockey. The focus here is not on purely competitive games, but on chaotic fun. Therefore, even if you lose many times, it may explode. Controls can sometimes be tricky, but if the precision is already out of the window, this is not a problem. BombSquad is the perfect game to play with a group of friends who love a little bit of competitiveness.

No one explodes if you keep talking

Keep talking-2

Keep talking-3

If you keep talking, no one will explode and you will place one player in the room with the bomb. Other players can’t see the bomb, but they have a manual on how to dismantle the bomb. You need to communicate effectively to disarm the bomb before the timer expires. It sounds easy in theory, but you’ll probably find it exploding many times. Other players can search the manual online, so only one copy of the game is needed to play. Online play is not supported as it is intended for players in the same physical space.




Spaceteam is similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. However, instead of making the final decision alone, each player has its own control panel. However, control panel instructions are sent to another player, so you need to communicate carefully to prevent disasters. Spaceteam games are so fast and confusing that they are ideal for players who find Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes a bit too simple.

In us

Between us-2

Between us-1

In “Among Us”, players need to complete a series of tasks in preparation for leaving the spacecraft. The task is simple, but one player is a scammer trying to kill everyone on board. Non-scammers win by completing all tasks or successfully identifying the scammers. You need at least 5 players to play, so if you’re just hanging out with a few friends, give this pass.

Enjoy summer with a new party game

Many of these games are ideal choices that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Take your smartphone to a picnic and enjoy Heads Up or Triple Agent. However, if you’re looking for something to play when you don’t have friends, try online multiplayer games instead.

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