The best adventure game on Android in 2022

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Adventure games are some of the most popular titles in the Play Store. This genre is very suitable for touch screen play, so it goes well with action game summaries. Of course, there are plenty of point-and-click adventure games on the platform, leaning towards niche genres like escape games. The genre just expands from here and includes a wide range of titles. So, regardless of your adventure-based taste, there are plenty of interesting titles to play, from indie darling to AAA beasts. Now that it’s time to start our adventure with a summary of today’s adventure games, fasten the straps.

Thimble Weed Park

LucasArts was well known at the time for its outstanding point-and-click adventure games like Maniac Mansion. The very two who worked on those classics created Thimbleweed Park. It’s true to the quality of LucasArts, which is why it’s at the top of today’s summary. This is a fresh game to play like the old classics, offering a fun sense of humor with a story that pays homage to The X-Files. Unruly Thimbleweed Park is one of the best point-and-click adventure games, and it’s perfectly playable on Android, so it’s well worth the $ 10 price tag.

Sky: Children of Light

Thatgamecompany has seen some hits on consoles with games such as Journey, Flower, and Flow, and with these successes, it has actually created a free mobile game that stacks on Journey. In fact, Sky: Children of the Light offers a similar seamless online experience where you can play like Journey, play with your friends, and explore strange worlds while stitching together evolving stories. .. Adjacent to live service games and offering events and ongoing updates, Sky: Children of the Light can easily feel unique and undirected, but it’s part of the fun and what’s in the world Understand what is happening.

80 days

Oldies yet excellent 80 Days first appeared on Android in 2014. This is an adventure game that acts as an assistant to rich world travelers. As a result, you will have all the plans that will help your employer navigate the world in 1980. day to day. It’s up to you to choose your destination and where to shop. It all rests on your shoulders. This means that the first, third, or tenth trial may not reach the world. But part of the fun is finding the best route, watching the action unfold as you make your choices. The game is a joy and despite its age it holds up very well.


In 2003, Amanita Design hit the scene with Samorost, a quirky browser-based adventure game that offers gorgeous scenery backed by brain-bending puzzles. But 2009 was when the developers were really successful at Machinarium and significantly improved their brain teaser gameplay. Today, Machinarium is still one of the best games of Amanita Design, thanks to its amazing art and challenging puzzles. It’s easily one of the best adventure games on Android and that’s exactly why it’s on the list today. Best of all, if you’ve already experienced Machinarium, Amanita Design offers several similar adventure games on the Play Store. All of these are great experiences that are worth the asking price.

Layton: HD Curious Village

Professor Layton’s series made its debut on the Nintendo DS in 2007. This is an adventure series that looks for clues to solve puzzles and solve mysteries. The first title was called Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village, and was finally ported to the HD release for mobile in 2018. It took me a while to see all three titles in this series released on Android, but they are all available now. Curious Village is a perfect starting point as this is the game that started the series. And don’t forget, this is a level 5 game, the same people and a few Yo-Kai Watch behind the Ni no Kuni RPG series. Animation is a clear strength of the studio, and Layton: HD’s Curious Village is a perfect example of this talent.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

I’ve already talked about the classic Nintendo DS port in the Layton series, so I would be disappointed if I didn’t even mention the Ace Attorney trilogy. This is a much more recent release, just released on Android in 2022, and of course, collecting all three titles from the original trilogy in HD. Like Layton, you solve puzzles and investigate, but you can also discuss your claims at the courthouse, where things get really interesting. After all, Phoenix Wright is a lawyer, so he can provide evidence to clear the client. All of this is played in a typical adventure game format, primarily through text and cutscenes. The move to HD means that games will look great on both mobile phones and tablets. Sure, the collection is expensive, but it’s a full-featured release from Capcom, and you can play three separate titles. This is actually a good deal.


Night School Studio’s Oxenfree may not be the most famous game in today’s summary, but thanks to an adventure like the 80’s where a group of friends accidentally opened a ghost, everywhere it’s sold. Well-reviewed lift. It’s your job to solve puzzles, travel through mysterious islands, and think about how to end unnatural phenomena. The game looks gorgeous, thanks to the moody graphics, but the story is pretty good too. Dialogue between groups is pretty good, especially since your choices affect the behavior of the group. This increases playability and ensures that the five-hour story lasts much longer than a single playthrough.

Life is strange

Last but not least, there’s Life is Strange, an episode adventure game from Square Enix. This release provides a complete five-part collection that makes up the first title. You can try the game for free. If you like how it looks, you can buy each chapter little by little, or unlock all content with an in-app purchase for $ 11. Your choice is important as multiple endings are offered. Life is Strange is one of the heaviest hitters in today’s summary, as it’s a multi-award winning game in its story. So if you haven’t played it yet, this is certainly a check to see if you’re looking for something a bit more modern.

This concludes the summary of today’s adventure games. Whether you’re interested in classic-style titles like Thimble Weed Park or prefer open-ended ones like Sky: Kids’ Light, everyone finds some high-quality games. I think I was able to do it. Of course, like all the AP summaries, this is an ever-growing list. Therefore, if you have something you would like to add, please check the comments below. Have fun and have fun until the next update!

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