Samsung Gaming Hub will be available on 2022 smart TVs with access to Stadia, GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming

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Streaming access for Luna games is coming soon

Samsung Gaming Hub Hero

Samsung was talking about its smart video game hub After CESThings have skyrocketed in the last few months, as Microsoft announced a TV app for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. More or less Samsung has been working behind the scenes to secure cooperation from all big game streaming services, and that’s just what it did.Mark the official launch of today Samsung gaming hub, Stadia, GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Utomik. The only weird guy is Amazon’s Luna, but it’s coming soon. There is one caveat. You will need a 2022 Samsung TV to access your gaming hub. Neo QLED 4K..

Samsung has already specified that Bluetooth headsets and controllers will work with game hubs. Includes AI upscaling (both 4K and 8K resolutions). To achieve this, Samsung has added new technology to its latest television lines. Supported models offer faster decoding and optimized buffer control technology. Of course, it’s useful when streaming video games over the internet. This is why there are only a handful of supported models due to the new technology. Therefore, if you own a 2022 Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, or QLED or 2022 Smart Monitor Series device, you can take advantage of Samsung’s new games. Spin hub from today.

YouTube and Spotify have reduced access to all the best game streaming services out there, as well as Samsung’s game hub. This means you can jump to the hub to watch all the cat videos you need or access Spotify. Stream some songs before moving on to the next game stream.

It’s clear that game streaming is something that many want to be mainstream, and Samsung is clearly participating, offering several screens to support the most popular services. One day in the future, we will no longer own a game console. Launch your TV or PC monitor and jump to the stream. It’s a terrifying future where consumers own even less than they do now, but it’s clearly being driven by many companies, and today is just the beginning. Still, the useful elements of streaming cannot be ignored. Especially if you jump from Stadia to Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce NOW and don’t miss the beat.

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