Pokemon GO developers cancel four projects just two days after announcing a new game

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Niantic faces financial turmoil and fires 8% of staff

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Two days ago, Niantic announced yet another augmented reality game. This time the theme is NBA.But Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Harry Potter: Wizards Unite)I already released the shutter as a failure), Catan: World Explorers (also canceled), and Pikmin Bloom. The One Trick Pony is a summary of the company, and although we are making great efforts to build AR technology as a platform (Known as the lighthouse), The success of Pokemon GO does not seem to be enough to move the studio forward, as brand clones cannot find similar success.Come in Bloomberg and recent reports According to the leaked internal staff email, the company is facing a period of financial turmoil, so the studio has canceled four upcoming games while dismissing 8% of its staff.

Oddly enough, in the NBA All-World announcement, Niantic’s next game, Transformers: Heavy Metal, said it wasn’t working a year after its initial announcement. Bloomberg has revealed that this Transformers game is one of four titles recently canceled by the studio. In addition to Transformers, heavy metal, Hamlet (in cooperation with Punch Drunk), Blue Sky (unpublished), and Snowball (unpublished) are also on the floor of the cutting room. These four games join the failure of Harry Potter: Wizard Unite and Catan: World Explorer, two other brands from the company.

Of course, I’m convinced that the only reason Pokemon GO is so popular is because it contains Pokemon. As a result, other Niantic games continue to struggle to find viewers. It’s not Niantic’s real-world AR gameplay that people continue to play Pokemon GO, it’s the acquisition of new Pokemon like casinos that highlights the game, and therefore continued interest in similar titles. Lack. Collecting Pokemon is a well-established pastime for children and adults for generations. Conversely, collecting digital tennis shoes in the NBA game does not have the same widespread appeal.

So while Niantic seems to be cornered because it puts a lot of effort into building the AR platform Lightship, some AR games are getting a lot of attention. This is an all-egg-in-one basket scenario, where Niantic employees are currently paying for the latest rounds of layoffs, sorting 85-90 jobs from company ranks to about 8% of employees. Equivalent.

Celebrating those who have lost their jobs would be incredibly tasty, but this current recession in Niantic is certainly not surprising. You can only make the same game over and over again before people get tired of it. Someday Niantic may create something that isn’t an AR game, but that day isn’t today because the NBA All-World was recently announced. So, despite today’s unfortunate news, the company still seems to be doing its best in AR games. ..

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