Nintendo Switch Online finally adds friend request ... 5 years later

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However, the switch must accept the request. The app can only send requests.

Nintendo Switch Online 2.0 Hero

Nintendo did something unthinkable, the game giant finally added a friend request to its Nintendo Switch online app, and the company only took five years to see this basic feature come true. It was. Thanks to the latest update, users can now submit friend requests directly from the Nintendo Switch Online app, but they must submit them from the console to accept the request. After all, did Nintendo seriously think that in every company, it would somehow manage to implement basic online functionality without disturbing it? To accept the request, you need to jump to the console the invitation sent by the app that cannot accept the request. It’s certainly annoying, but it’s in line with Nintendo’s long history of poor online support.

What’s New

-You can now send friend requests using your friend code. (You need a Nintendo Switch console to accept friend requests.)

-You can now copy a friend code as a URL or save it as a QR code so that others can send friend requests.

・ Other minor changes are also implemented.

The change log above is from the Nintendo Switch Online app’s list of Play Stores and, as you can see, is detailed in the first line. Friend requests can now be sent from the app via a friend code, but unfortunately those invitations can only be accepted in the console. This new feature goes well with the recent addition in March, which added the ability to copy friend codes, and the ability to see which friends are online. Like today’s update, March adds features that should have existed since day one.

It’s certainly interesting that Nintendo hasn’t completely abandoned the Nintendo Switch Online app, but the ability to submit friend requests within the app is undoubtedly useful to the few people there. In addition, you can now create a QR code from your friend code and easily share it with your friends and family. Therefore, if you want to see these new features, you can install the latest update of Nintendo Switch Online on your Android from the Play Store widget below.

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