Magic Awakened Beginner's Guide — How to Get Started in the Hogwarts World

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Warner Bros. has brewed a new trading card game, Harry Potter: Magic Awaken. It will be released on Android soon. It’s still in its infancy, but so far, with respect to its lore and the universe, there’s a good deal of promise as to how sophisticated and loyal Harry Potter: Magic Awakend is. The game will be released sometime in the western part of 2022, but it has already been released in some Asian countries. A considerable amount of money since then Release in the east.

Techvair has created a starter guide to make the release available around the world and make it easy for everyone to understand. Harry Potter: Covers the basics behind Magic Awaken’s collectable card mechanics and accurately analyzes everyday activities worth focusing on when building your first deck.

Create a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Student Persona

It’s only natural to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (after all, this is a Harry Potter game). After reviewing a series of cutscenes, you can create and customize your character. The options are somewhat limited, but more options will be unlocked as you become free to roam Diagon Alley while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Character creation

  • Select your gender, male (wizard) or female (witch).
  • Customize your face: Facial features such as skin color, freckles, and glasses.
  • Choose your hair color (8 choices), hair style (4 choices), and makeup style (4 choices).
  • Choose your scarf and coat (4 choices each).
  • Please enter the name of the character.

Voilà, your inner witch / wizard has been anthropomorphized in the world of Harry Potter. All that’s left is to get a cane and an owl. That way, you can follow the hilarious path to Hogwarts. Are you familiar with it?

Screenshots of the grouping hat ceremony

The next step involves sorting into your home: you have to choose from Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Raven Claw, and Gryffindor. The house is a guild and you can choose which one to choose. Sort hats make the first suggestion by default, but this is still “choose your own adventure”, so by that logic you can sort hats at your own choice, as well as Harry Potter’s Harry Potter. The first movie that has the power to overturn the decision.

Undercover Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, you’ll soon find out that Harry Potter: Magic Awaken likes to keep Harry Potter’s text flavor. This section describes the meaning and expected content of these terms.

How the card works

Simply put, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened uses a trading card game system for in-combat equipment to play like a real-time role-playing game (RPG). Cards bring strategy to each battle. Balancing the deck is essential as they are common abilities in combat and each skill requires a unique point cost to use. You can maximize your fighting potential by upgrading and equipping cards that work together to create synergies.

Card type

Cards are categorized by rarity (highest to lowest): Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common. The rarer the card, the more powerful it is. In addition, the cards can be further divided by type. Spell cards and summon cards. Spell cards activate as soon as they are cast, and summon cards and creatures are put on the field to trigger their effects.

More importantly, the deck should include companion cards and echo. Companion cards act like assist characters, and echoes generate deck buffs. Tips: The deck should be built around the equipped echo. This is the most important synergy to explain.

Card acquisition and upgrade

The card is unlocked by completing the entry (story) in the yearbook, opening the house chest, and the library pass (obtaining the card by gacha means).

You can upgrade your card as well as your RPG equipment. Plan carefully as upgrades require gold and duplicate cards.

Deck switching and customization

You can create multiple decks and customize them for the type of content you want. This is what we recommend. Basically, you need to build a deck for PvP and PvE content. This requires experimenting with which cards work better in what situations, but there are always cards labeled as top-level, which are considered classic cards in many decks you build.

Unlocking more cards makes it easier to classify which deck is suitable for PvP or PvE. For example, Crucio (spell cards) are better used in PvE-oriented decks (against bosses) because of their limited line of sight-auto-targeting the first enemy and relying on stacking mechanics to be full. Reach power. In contrast, something like the Protego Totalum Spell card creates a shield around friendly units and blocks some enemy spells. This is a great utility in duel (PvP) situations.

Daily activities

Each time you log in, we will prioritize these tasks to continue the course and advance your content. Activities assign gems, gold, cards, and experience points to spellbook levels.

Participation in class

Your efforts as a hard-working wizard / witch are well compensated. Class participation points are required to open the House Chest and Yearbook Progression (story).

The classes are divided into mini games. Examples include ball rhythm games, Harry Potter trivia quizzes in magical history, and tower defense games in creature care. Be careful when playing as some classes are restricted during the session (see Class Schedule for the First Year).


  • Monday: Charm and fortune-telling
  • Tuesday: History of defense against the art of magic and darkness
  • Wednesday: Charms and Creature Care
  • Thursday: History of magic and creature care
  • Friday: Defense against the art of darkness and fortune-telling
  • Saturday: History of defense against the art of magic and darkness
  • Sunday: Charms and Creature Care

When you join a class for the first time, you will be placed with your NPC (non-playable character) classmates, but once you get used to the general gameplay loop, you may use matchmaking cues to join other players. there is.

Tips: As a new player, it’s a good idea to spend a lot of time in the Forbidden Forest to get materials for echoes and potions.

Open a chest of drawers

The chest contains cards, gold and gems. Your performance will determine duels, classes, forbidden forest activities, house team flying matches, and chest progression while dancing with the ball. You can open up to 4 rarity chests at a time, but these are updated every 3 hours. Therefore, if you have a Legendary House Chest, get enough points to open it. for a while!

Open the chest of your home

Daily mission

Tap Homework to open the daily and weekly mission list. Completing these missions will earn you gold.

Story mode

The yearbook shows where you are in the story. Each year’s record has a story segment to complete these net rewards (cards, gold, gems). This is the best way to guarantee unlocking of epic and legendary cards.

Story mode yearbook page preview

PvP / duel

PvP (1-v-1 or 2-v-2) or duel players play a central role in this game. Spend time collecting cards, building a decent deck, and synthesizing and preparing potions. Tips: You can create PvP potions that prevent your rank from dropping when you lose a match.

Prospects for the future

Harry Potter: Magic Awakend already looks promising after its strong launch in some Asian countries. When the game falls into the hands of others, a favorable kick-off can occur. Lots of card collection, Harry Potter lore, updated original stories, and new events keep Harry Potter fans and newcomers busy for a while. If you haven’t stepped into the franchise yet, this is certainly the perfect title. Therefore, we have included a pre-registration link in the widget below.

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