Indie darling Into the Breach is a great strategy game that is finally available on mobile.

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Netflix Games brings heavy artillery with the latest release

Becoming a bleach release hero

Netflix Games has been busy creating mobile game catalogs since its launch in November, and not all titles are big hits, but Netflix Games already offers a small number of high-quality games. We are planning to increase the number in the future. Well, as of today, this catalog has one more addition and is annoying. Into the Breach from Indie Darling is now available on Android with the kindness of Netflix Games. All you need to play this outstanding mecha-based strategy game is an active Netflix account.

The trailer above gives you a quick glimpse of what you can expect from Into the Breach. This is a turn-based strategy game similar to Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, and X-Com. Given that this is an indie issue, the latest Netflix game release is a must-see for strategic enthusiasts, as it provides pixel graphics that really fit mobile devices.

I could only test the game briefly, but I can confirm that the Bluetooth controller works. However, if you use a corded connection, the game will crash at startup. I’m not entirely sure why a controller connected via USB-C crashes the game, but if you run into this issue you can at least fall back to Bluetooth support.

Into the bleach netflix game release (2)

Into the bleach netflix game release (1)

Yes, Into the Breach is here. This is definitely a celebration as it is considered one of the best indie strategy games. In the first few hours when the login system didn’t work for the first time, the mobile port boot became a bit unstable and locked out of my account, but thankfully Netflix Games quickly fixed the issue. This isn’t the first time Netflix has struggled to release a game on the Play Store, but there’s still a weird crash when using a coded controller with USB-C, but at least the company is heading for today’s important release. Best of all. Issues to watch out for. Still, the game has great play and performance, so if you want to install Into the Breach on your Android device and see for yourself what it is, you can get a download from the Play Store widget below.

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