Hunter's global release has been postponed until 2023

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Zynga’s soft launch doesn’t seem to work very well

Star Wars Hunter Delays 2023 Hero

Zynga first announced in February 2021 that it was developing a competitive Star Wars arena game known as Star Wars: Hunters, but was postponed to September 2021 and released in 2022. Was pushed to. Now, despite entering the soft launch that actually experienced the title in November of this year, Zynga seems to feel that the game has not yet met the high expectations of the studio, and the arena shooter is lagging again. , This time postponed to an unknown date in 2023.

Zynga Star Wars’ Twitter account has announced in an update that Star Wars: Hunters will be postponed until 2023. This is the second delay in the game and is rarely a good sign. We tested the title in November of this year (including 30 minutes of gameplay), so it’s basically like playing a typical mobile hero shooter. The graphics were great and the gameplay was great enough, but nothing was noticeable about the title. It simply played like a mundane, competitive shooter with a Star Wars skin hit on top. So, instead of launching a ham drum game, the latest delay is probably a good thing, especially if the game is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch along with mobile.

Sadly, Zynga hasn’t shared a detailed release date yet, so all we have to do is keep Star Wars: Hunters arriving sometime in 2023. Zynga has confirmed that it will continue to roll out new content to current participants. It will be soft-launched until the global launch and new updates will be released within the next few weeks. Despite the recent delays, it is clear that development is still underway. Therefore, I hope Zynga will finally understand how to complete this next year.

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