How to start your journey to save Arden

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Evertale is a popular fantasy collection-based RPG developed by ZigZaGame. The mechanism for catching that monster is similar to catching a wild Pokemon, 2.0 release, Evertale has introduced more anime metaphors into the mix to liven up things. Powerful characters are much more accessible, UI design is significantly activated, content is updated and the story is continually expanded. Therefore, playing Evertale can easily stir up “recommended” itching on Android while at the same time providing a fun traditional RPG storyline as a foundation.

The formidable task of saving Arden from the suffering 100-year-old curse, Pandemonium, requires hiring powerful companions. But every hero needs guidance and guidance on where to start. Our guide covers the game’s combat system and advises on how to start collecting / building the ultimate team.

Battle system: in and out

You can hire up to 8 units in your combat unit. Combat begins with the first four units on the front line, with the last four units in reserve. When the forward unit is knocked down to zero health, the reserve automatically jumps to the front line to replace it.

In combat, the main actions you can take are: catch, PassWhen skill.. You can use the catch command to capture monsters based on the displayed probabilities (percentages). You can increase the odds by lowering the monster’s health — are you familiar with it?



You can skip your turn by using the pass command. From time to time, you will want to fund your unit and unleash a catastrophic attack sooner rather than later.

Unleash devastating skills with Evertale

Using the skill involves associated costs that affect the unit’s turn order and spirit points. Your unit has unique skills associated with that element. We encourage you to experiment with your units until you have a synergistic unit.

How the turn works

Combat relies heavily on turn-based mechanics. The turn order of combat units depends on the action you perform. All skills have a turn order cost. The higher the turn order cost to use that skill, the longer it will take for your turn to come again. The enemy follows the same mechanism. If you’re not careful, your enemies may move several times before you get the next turn. The turn order cost is displayed for each skill.

Turn the Evertale order number

Team spirit

Team Spirit exists as a shared point system for all units in combat. All skills include the cost of spirit points or the amount earned. Negative points mean that the spirit of the team is costly to use those skills, and positive numbers are added to the team’s spirit gauge.

Show Team Spirit Gauge in Evertale

As a team spirit mechanic, units cannot spam the best attacks each turn. You need to decide which unit to prioritize when unleashing their best move. This means that your general strategy plays an important role.

Manage story teams

Unit skills are categorized according to the preferred weapon type and elemental affinity. Evertale, like Pokemon, uses a rock-paper-scissors system to determine the performance of units in combat. The strengths and weaknesses of each element are summarized below.

  • fire: Strong against wind and weak against water.
  • water: Effective against fire, vulnerable to storms.
  • storm: Effective against water, weak against wind.
  • Wind: Effective against storms and weak against fire.
  • light: Effective against darkness and neutral against all other elements.
  • dark: Effective against light and neutral against all other elements.

Overall, you need to build your team to provide the best coverage for multiple elements. You can check the elemental affinity of each unit on the status screen.

Displaying unit element types in Evertale

Unfortunately, you can’t stack your team with the best monsters and characters in the game. The cost system prohibits this from happening to motivate you to keep up with the rank-up of the entire battalion. All units have a fixed cost when placed on a team, and equipping certain weapons and armor can increase this cost.

Cost to add teammates to Evertale's team

Every newly formed battalion squad requires a leader. You can appoint any unit as a leader, but not all units are created the same, as few units have passive leader skills. Always try which units work synergistically to get the most out of your leader’s skill passive bonuses.



Status effect

Learning to take advantage of stat effects can change the flow in your favor during combat. The same is true when stat effects work against you, they will soon snowball towards your downfall. Analyzing the meaning of status effects is essential to understanding how to cleanse them while maximizing their status effects.

  • Burned: Status equal to 0.1% of maximum health per TU for burned units, ignoring damage mitigation. The timer is equal to 300TU or whenever the unit is no longer in combat. It is not possible to update the period of applied status.
  • poison: A state equivalent to 0.25% of the caster’s attack power, ignoring damage reduction. Poison damage ticks occur per TU (unit-related turn order). Super Poison instead increases to 1% of the caster’s attack. Note: Poisons can only be overwritten and damage per TU will not stack.
  • Make it fasterApplying: quicken reduces TU cost (up to 20%). Basically, it allows the unit to move faster in combat. Quickons are classified as buffs, so they can’t be stacked and can’t be overwritten by other status effects.
  • sleepy: A status effect that prevents you from acting while the unit is asleep. Sleeping units are awakened when an attack, status effect, or 200 TU has passed. Sleeping units skip their turns and earn 100 TU for each turn they miss. You cannot reapply sleep to a unit that already has a sleep status applied.
  • stealth: Status applied to the unit that activates the skill in Stealth Strike. Stealth Strike can give 400% to all units, ignoring damage mitigation and triggered passives (revenge and skins). Other stats can overwrite stealth stats.

Forming a team by combining stat effects and leader passives around buffs can be a great strategy for winning bosses and PvP content, so monitor your unit’s skills and see how well your team is. Please check if it fits.

Weapon equipment

Most of the team’s control is to consider the weapons that can be equipped. Weapons are as upgradeable as units, include skill sets, and contribute to the cost system when forming a team. In general, equipping a rare weapon can cost a spot on another unit in your team. Therefore, early in the game, decide whether to equip a character or monster with a powerful weapon in exchange for a small team, or simply supplement a weak (geared) large team that some units do not receive privileges on. is needed. Raise the gear. The choice is up to you, but in the end, higher capacity levels will eliminate this issue.



Collecting monsters / characters

Catch and evolve monster friends

There are unlimited attempts (until the party is wiped out) to catch the selected monster. To increase the success rate of capture, you need to knock down the monster’s health to about 25%. Always keep an eye on the swaying grass (surprise, surprise). By doing so, you will be able to encounter unique monsters.

Monster buddies can evolve into more powerful monsters, and you need to gain experience points to evolve monsters. If you plan to evolve monsters, place the monsters you want to level up on your battle team.



If you want to acquire a new character, get Soulstone (premium currency). Soulstones allow you to recall selected banners (rate up your character of interest). Banners are divided into limited-time characters and a permanent character pool. Please note that some banners require a paid soulstone to be summoned.

Evertale Gacha Banner Example

You must always summon with 1000 Soulstones at a time to guarantee your SR unit. The SR unit is powerful, but not as powerful as the SSR unit. Adding SR units to your team will strengthen your account, so it’s a good idea to summon them all at once.

Getting more soul stones requires investment and more patience. Save up to 30,000 soul stones and use them in the Lucky Fountain to earn more. Grinding your daily missions and story quests will also make you more net.

Access to Evertale's Lucky Fountain

Your daily newspaper at Evertale (example)

Duplication management

Unfortunately, you will eventually run out of space, so you won’t be able to keep all copies of your character or monster. This leaves you with two options: forging and power-ups. Forging transforms characters and monsters into craftable materials, while power-ups enhance selected units. Consume duplication when awakening the same unit (below the power-up options). This adds passive skills and improves power, health, and attack power. It doesn’t matter which option you choose. Forging automatically converts duplicate units into shards for use in the awakening process.



“Recommended catch” to save the world

Evertale has many other features besides Pokemon-like gameplay and collecting anime characters. It’s about a hero pilgrimage that grows stronger while you form a bond with your allies to uncover the truth behind the world and its dangerous plague. So if you’re looking for a game with a wealth of collectibles, awe-inspiring heroics, and strategic gameplay, check out the Evertale installation links below. In fact, when it comes to high quality RPGs, you may be surprised by the good choice of Android.

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