How to free up Genshin Impact storage space on mobile

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Genshin Impact is a big problem in today’s Android games, emphasizing “big”. If you’ve been up to date since version 2.0, you’ll notice that Genshin Impact is a bit more important, but Genshin Impact doesn’t start your diet right away. HoYoverse makes a lot of money from multi-billion dollar titles. This means more updates (map expansions, full voice events, etc.) will continue.

Not everyone has access to SD card slots, and you don’t always want to say goodbye to your game library just to find space for one game. Clogging 20GB of storage space is a small question. So for now, the problem is that we solve it. That’s why Techvair are analyzing best practices for optimizing mobile storage space for Genshin Impact and helping mobile phones and tablets deal with this huge thing.

What you need to know about pre-installation

If you’re trying to save storage space on Genshin Impact, the pre-install feature is a bit of a trap. Pre-installed You can download in-game resources before scheduled updates.Unfortunately, it doesn’t give any benefit to your storage as you essentially need to Install these large numbers of files either way.

It’s not impossible to reduce the size of the update file, but you can choose to first remove the unused file from the previous patch and then download the new update at release. In this way, you can save space with a minimum of time investment (depending on your internet connection).

Clear cache

Clearing the cache deletes the temporary files associated with the Genshin Impact app. Clearing the cache on a regular basis frees up storage space and, in some cases, improves app and device performance. Read our steps to learn how to start this exercise.

  • Tap to go to device settings setting >> >> application Also App Open App Manager. Depending on your device, you may need to tap additional options to access your app list.
  • Once in the manager, scroll down to find the Genshin Impact. Tap Genshin Impact to display the app information. GI_settings GI_settings2
  • On the Genshin Impact information page, tap Storage. From here you can clear the data or clear the cache, but for now it just clears the cache.
  • Tap Clear cache It’s over. How much space is returned by clearing the cache depends on how often you perform this step. Therefore, if you clear it every day, you won’t notice a big difference. It’s probably best to just worry about clearing the cache. Sometimes. GI_settings3 GI_settings4
  • Uninstall unused language packs

    You can save a lot of space by uninstalling unused voice packs in various languages ​​to save storage and save up to a few gigabytes per language pack. Managing language packs is easy. Here’s how.

    Note: New installations of apps do not come with all language packs.

  • Launch the Genshin Impact application and load the game from your device.
  • Tap the Paimon icon to bring up the main menu, then tap setting (Gear icon).
  • [設定]Then scroll down and tap languageHere you can manage your narration and game language. GI_language1 GI_language2
  • Tap to start uninstalling unused voice packs Narration file management (Located in the lower left corner)> Uninstall..
  • If you want to reinstall another language pack later, tap Dubbed language Tap the drop-down menu and then tap confirmation.. GI_language3 GI_language4
  • Reinstallation of Genshin Impact

    This is a last resort to consider when cleaning up your storage space. Bulk updates can leave unused files (old events, quests, etc.) and run out of storage. The only way to permanently remove these files is to do a new installation from time to time.

  • On your device, go back to App Manager under Settings.
  • Tap Genshin Impact and Uninstall, Tap all right To confirm. GI_uninstall1 GI_uninstall2
  • To start the reinstallation, open the Google Play store and search for Genshin Impact.
  • Tap install Launch the app and end the process. Depending on your internet connection, it may take some time to reinstall the game, so if you are desperately trying to squeeze out the extra space, we recommend that you use this method with caution. GI_uninstall3 GI_uninstall4
  • Clear app data

    Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the game, clearing the app data will remove all remaining files from the device and basically reset the application to factory default. If you’re dealing with issues such as corrupted update files, or if you’re having trouble loading or running your game, it’s a good idea to clear the data.

    Note: If you erase the app data, you will lose all stored information, including login credentials.

    To start erasing app data on your device, go to setting >> >> application Also App >> >> App information >> >> Storage >> >> Clear data..

    Get older or go home

    The monthly updates to Genshin Impact aren’t slowing down quickly, forcing HoYoverse to take a “grow or go home” approach to mobile and tablet storage space to catch up. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready to address this issue. In the first place, you may not own a 128GB Android device, and few people have the option to use an SD card. That’s why we’re at the mercy of HoYoverse, devising solutions by optimizing storage practices. Otherwise, it is our responsibility to use the tools at your disposal.

    You’ll have to wait for improvements, but in the meantime, enjoy the newly acquired characters and indulge in ongoing events. If possible, we will pick up a few more tools to optimize storage space.

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